Occupy Medical meeting notes 8/22/12, 6pm

Occupy Medical meeting notes 8/22/12, 6pm
location:New Day Bakery
Attendance: Sue, Lina, Bill, Deb, Jerry, James, Majeska
Majeska introduced a model C version of our grant/grantee relationship. The advantage is that we run our own finance and make the decisions for management. CALC would get copies of the receipts. Getting an EIN will be simple and allow us more autonomy. We need to keep our records clean and transparent. When we get a bank account for managing the grant$. With an EIN, we can put the clinic’s name on the vehicle’s paperwork and insurance papers.
Sue and Majeska will meet with CALC to tie up loose ends concerning the management of grant details.
*We agreed via consensus to get an EIN. – Sue will secure this.
*We agreed via consensus to get a bank account at a credit union.
*We agreed via consensus to make Sue and Jerry the signer on this account.
*We agreed via consensus to allow Majeska and Bill to have information to this account.
We agreed via consensus to make our account a dual signature account.
*We agreed via consensus that any changes to the account (names added or deleted for example) will need consensus to achieve.
*We agreed via consensus that any purchase $100 and over will require a consensus decision.
*We agreed via consensus Petty Cash purchases are less than $100 and that we must save all receipts in regards to the clinic whether it is a donated purchase or a purchase from petty cash so that we can see the true cost of our expenses.
*We agreed via consensus that we need our own prescription pads (the docs have been using their own and it has caused some trouble in their non-occupy lives).
*We agreed via consensus that we will submit a bill for these prescription pads to Occupy for reimbursement. The amount is under $30.
*We agreed via consensus that we are changing the name of our committee to Occupy Medical. This name change reflects our desire to serve all of Lane County, all of Oregon via satellite clinics and, maybe, all of the US. We want to change the face for healthcare for all. Healthcare should be available for every American. This is our mission. Our new name reflects this mission.
The next dental extraction clinic is open now for applications. The clinic is being held September 28th at 8:30pm. FOrms are available at the Lindholm service station on HWY 99. Adrienne will do a preliminary exam of the patients after they fill out their forms to determine if the extractions are an appropriate choice and how many teeth need pulling. We will only be able to serve 10-12 patients this time.


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