Occupy Medical meeting – 9/12/12

Location:Laboratory Restaurant
Attendees: Sue, Dr. David, Dr. Leigh, Dr. Jerry, Deb, Bill, Ambrose, Karen, Majeska, James, Andrea

A. Grant/Financial
1. Employee Identification Number (EIN)
Sue showed the letter from the IRS that confirmed our EIN which was mailed to us (Also confirming our address. This is a step towards 501c3 status and our new bank account.
2. Fiscal sponsorship letter – CALC to OCF
Sue showed the letter dated 9/5/12 from the Executive Director of CALC to Jennifer Durand of OCF accepting fiscal sponsorship of Occupy Medical (OM).
3. Fiscal sponsorship agreement between CALC and OM
Sue shared a draft agreement of our fiscal sponsorship details which was discussed and modified via group agreement with details that needed to be updated.
4. Banking
Majeska noted that Oregon Community Credit Union requires credit scores of over 620 for its signers. She also noted that more than 2 people should be qualified to provide the dual check signature process in case one of the check signers is out of town or unavailable for a purchase requiring a check. The group agreed via consensus to add another check signer to the list.
Pacific Continental Bank doesn’t require credit checks for signers but does require OM to incorporate with the state. This costs $50. Dr. David offered to take care of this assignment. He offered to donate the cost to the clinic. The group consensed to this proposal.
The group consensed to selecting Pacific Continental Bank for our account. We consensed to signing on as a “no member” incorporation with the understanding that it costs $50 to reverse the choice later on.

B. The Bus
1. The group consensed a 2nd time, for our records, that we agree to purchase the Blue Bird Bloodmobile bus that Jerry proposed. Jerry spent $1500 as down payment to reserve the bus and start the repairs.

C. Other issues
1. Sue reminded the group that Occupy Medical is separate from Occupy Eugene due to financial concerns we are not separate from the Occupy Movement. Many OM members are still strong members of Occupy Eugene.
2. As a group, me must upgrade our records into a format that will be user friendly when we ask for other grants and make presentations. Excel has a few programs that may be helpful. We also need to start writing and sending out more press releases to get more donations and spread the message for our cause.


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