Occupy Medical Meeting notes – 9/19/12

Location:New Day Restaurant
Attendees: Sue, Dr. Leigh, Dr. Jerry, Deb, Dr. Oretes, Sarah

Agenda items were presented by Leigh, Sue and Deb

1. Press releases.
Leigh distributed 3 draft press releases. Comments were solicited.

2. Medic position.
Leigh discusses the possibility of having training for medics that could cover Station 2. Deb suggested that RN should be sufficient for Station 2 regardless of medic training. The suggestion was made that the first 2 hours could be medic/RN and they could treat some patients and refer others to the doc who would be there for 2nd 2 hours. This situation may work better when we have more site to visit.
Leigh recommended a book called “Where There is no Doctor” by the Hisperian Foundation that can be downloaded as an e-book.

3. Web-site
Leigh announced that she’d made changes to the Occupy Medical website. She distributed a handout providing information about how to access the site.

4. New Staff.
Leigh introduced a new doc who is volunteering. Dr. Orestes (now called Dr. O) will be working this Sunday from 3-5. Leigh introduced Sarah how is trained as a midwife and is studying to be a doctor.


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