Occupy Medical Meeting notes – 9/26/12

New Day Bakery – 9/26/12 – 7pm
Attendees – Dr. David, Dr. Leigh, Dr. Peter, Sue, Deb, Andrea, Sarah, and Sidney
1. Deb asked if Occupy Medical would be willing to take a stand against the extension of the downtown exclusion zone ordinance. The group consensed to this.
2. Leigh introduced the book “When There is no Doctor”. It is a suggested training manual for triage medics.
3. Sarah offered to help collect statistics on OM’s patients for grant writing and political purposes.
4. Sue announced that she is looking for templates for a brochure for OM. She wants to use it to offer information to the general public and potential funding providers.
5. David announced that he will be available to open the OM bank account with Jerry and Sue on Tuesday at Pacific Continental Bank as per our consensus decision last meeting.
6. David suggested that it would be helpful to have case management assistance for the patients to steer them towards community services that will assist them with issues that the clinic can not attend to.


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