OM Clinic Report – 10/28/12

The temperature is dropping and our patient load is increasing. We, at Occupy Medical (OM), are used to saying that 20 patients is about the maximum amount of patients that we can reasonably treat in one 4 hour day.
We have been refining the flow of patients through the bus both to help the patients more effectively and to better utilize our talented team of volunteers. Our new system was immediately put to the test this Sunday.
We had 27 patients. Our volunteers were literally sweating to keep up. The patients were happy. The passers-by were impressed. The volunteers were hopping.
We could not have done this a few weeks ago. One of the big changes was redefining the nurse’s station. They are still an underutilized crew but with Karen’s direction, they will be humming like bees soon.
Another change is use of the bus itself. Adrienne, our noble dental hygienist. was still recovering from OM’s free dental extraction clinic so she took the day off. We put the wound care clinic in that spot. We also started patient flow at the beginning of the bus and allowed it to ripple through to the back.
OM volunteers like to be busy. They got their wish. As winter approaches, I expect our patient load to increase even more.
Tuck in, kids. We got a long ride ahead.
– Sue Sierralupe, OM Clinic Manager


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