Meeting Notes – 1/9/13

Meeting agenda – 1/9/13
Robert, Ed and Melissa from Egan Warming Center, Andrea, Gerry, Karen, James, Arwen, Bill, Sue, Donna in attendance
-electrical updates from Jerry. Working out the kinks of plugging the bus to an outside source.
-Should be able to plug into electrical outlet at Park Blocks this Sunday
-Needed to change the outlet covers
Egan Warming Center opportunity
-Call Michael Wist on coming through with the funding for port-o-potty
-$5000 grant opportunity to support the Egan Warming Center
-Nurse Robert discussed some of the scenarios that they encounter at the Egan Warming Centers
-Downtown site is the main site (1st Christian Church)
-May activate tomorrow night. Activation goes to 1st alert email and facebook sites. This gives volunteers a few days of warning.
-Next volunteer training is January 16th from 6-8 and January 19th from 9-11 at 1st Christian Church (Oak and 14th)
-most of the medical issues are respiratory, wounds, trench foot, withdrawal issues (DTs), and hypothermia
-ask to speak with the site lead when we come by to visit the centers in our neighborhoods. The Center opens at 7pm.
dental clinic- Dental clinic is full. Dr. Peter will handle the medical side of the clinic. We need another 1st Aid kit for the clinic.
-Donna suggested working with White Bird Dental Clinic to host the next dental clinics.
vaccine clinic-Still need printouts on vaccine clinic
Friday clinic- This clinic has 2 options for parking the bus – Reality Kitchen or CALC.
February 4th rally-Invited by the Democratic Party of Lane County to show up at the Salem Healthcare Rally. Consensus on sending OM up to represent and we will also ask them for gas money. We are also invited to speak for 5 to 10 minutes at the rally.
speaker panel – Democrats invited us to participate on a panel on healthcare. More information later.
survival center- Invited to put together a workshop for Survival Center as part of their healthcare series. They offered compensate us. Bill, Sue and Arwen expressed interest in this project.
Written and posted by Sue Sierralupe


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