Meeting Notes – 1/16/13

Agenda 1/16/13
Attendance – Andrea, Donna, Bill, Elliot, Jerry, Joe, James and Sue
Passed out mail and signed thank you cards to donors.
We have been sending out thank you cards for donations unless the donor declines contact. (anonymous donors)
The Church of the Resurrection grant was approved and they sent us their check.
Egan Warming Center – We may be best suited to provide and restock the medical kits. Egan has a wonderful collection of medically trained volunteers.
Vaccine clinic this Sunday from 12-4pm. We have spread the word through the community. Bus Retrofitting the bus – the shelves that James and Jerry put in were fabulous and we look forward to more shelving to fit more wound care equipment
Electrical problems with the bus. Joe says that we can run another plug out of the other electrical outlet for heating hot water for the wound clinic and hot water for tea for patients. We need more heavy electrical cords.
February 1st meeting with Saturday Market permit administrators. James and Jerry will attend this meeting.
We need a bus driver for the Friday clinic
Storage – We could use the Monaco Couch Clinic for storing the extra stuff that is currently at Jerry’s house. Jerry will contact Terry McDonald to confirm. Monacare is the name of the clinic that is available to us.
501c3 – The group agreed to help Sue with the 501c3 status paperwork.
Parvo shots for “saving puppies in the park”. OM has consensed on paying for 10 more parvo shots so that we can have another puppy day. Each shot runs about $6.


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