Meeting Notes – 1/23/13

Meeting notes at New Day Bakery – 1/23/13
Attendees – Andrea, Elliott, Sue, Leigh, Karen, Jerry, James, Char, Joe and Ambrose
Info line stats – White Bird gave us an example of their stat collection sheet. Bill reminded us that since we are discussing collecting data,
Information needed – gender, housed, insured, employed,
Volunteer behavior agreement – Elliott suggested that our discussion based on compliance to the mission of the clinic. We agreed to review the orientation information and make written suggestions for its evolution.
exam tables – Dr. Leigh and Karen asked that the red blood draw chairs to be taken out. Group consensed.
Remodel – Joe proposed walls and doors for the bus. We discussed partial walls and vinyl curtains.
quarterly report – Sue passed out the quarterly report for approval. Consensus achieved.
locksmith – James fixed the back door lock. Much happiness.
policy manual – Dr. Leigh brought up the policy statement. The needle stick protocol is part of this policy. Need to have a plan for getting a positive result on HIV/AIDS.
Friday Clinic – Karen presented the updates on the Friday Clinic. Currently, we have more staff than patients. We need to get the word out about the clinic. Ambrose agreed to advertise the clinic. He would like to have a flyer to send out. The bus will be driven by Karen.
Vaccines – We gave 23 vaccines out on Sunday. LCPH was happy to have the chance to get their stuff out there.
Egan Warming Center – Consensus for taking Egan up on their offer to share part of their grant from the city and in exchange for up keeping their 1st aid kits and offering a foot care clinic.
Station titles – Instead of a numerical system, we are called by our titles: Intake, Triage, Doctor, Nurse, Treatment, Mental Health, and Dental.
Donations – Please take the donations to back room. Sue will send Terry McDonald from St. Vincent de Paul an email asking for access to the Coburg clinic to use as storage.


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