Meeting minutes Wednesday night 1/30/13

Agenda 1/30/13
Attendees – Benjamin, Andrea, James, Jerry, Karen, Donna, Jill, Leigh, Sue, Brooke
-Clothes – We have to reduce our clothing donation collection. It is becoming an obstacle to care. We will now only accept warm, clean outer clothing such as coats, gloves, hats, and new, warm socks. Other donations should be sent to Catholic Community Services who give clothes away to those in need.
– last Sunday debrief – Patient code named “Badger”, challenged the group and came out of the Occupy Medical system doing much, much better than before. We saw 26 patients total. Many of the patients were seen by different practitioners.
– Reality Kitchen – The Friday Clinic will be better used if we advertise it better.
– Friday Clinic – Sue and Karen will need to work out how to get the records to the Friday Clinic. Donna, Brooke and Jill offered to help organize the supplies and get a supply list together.
– Electrical update – James says that we are electrically sound as long as we have enough extension cords. We need more industrial extension cords. We need an official cord cover so no one will trip and sue us.
– Volunteer safety guidelines – We consensed that we keep a professional but friendly boundary between the patient and the provider. We do not take our patients home with us. We also do not give out needles. Ever.
– HIV/Alliance – We are not able to loan out our bus at this time. Needle Exchange is welcome to send patients for wound care to Friday clinic.
– Heat – Leigh has a heater with a fan to offer for Sunday Clinics. Donna and Ben did not think a small ceramic heater would be adequate for the tent. The group declined to try closing off all or part of the tent. Insulated panels for the tent are pending volunteers to sew them. Contact Sue for details.
– Feb. 4th Rally – We are circulating names and numbers for getting together to carpool to the rally.
– Emerald FEAST – The FEAST is tomorrow night at 6. Arwen and Sue will be presenting a powerpoint on behalf of the group.
– website update – No more calendar on our site (Google calendar did not play nicely with WordPress). We now have a contact page. We have a google gmail account, receiving emails as well as voicemail transcriptions. Expanded our website wishlist.
– Womenspace – Womenspace is strapped for cash and volunteers right now but we need to team up with them to form an alliance.
– new volunteers – Brooke was a new volunteer in intake. Donna approved of having her back as a trained volunteer for this station. A formalized volunteer intake protocol is up each individual station manager. Brooke volunteered to help us with communications. We need more volunteer bus drivers.
– Communications Liaison – OM consensed that we will open a position to take control of electronic communications. Nurse Donna volunteered to keep the PSAs on KLCC going.
Dental Extraction – The White Bird Clinic is talking to us about getting together for the next dental  clinic. The next meeting is Saturday at 9am.


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