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Emerald FEAST award 1/31/13

Emerald FEAST award 1/31/13

Thursday was a red letter day for Occupy Medical. We received support for 2 of our treatment programs – prescription and herbal medicine are now funded. The uncanny part of this announcement is that the details matched so closely.
I asked Mt. Rose Herbs if they would care to offer another $200 of in-kind donations to our herbal treatment program. We use herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion, echinacea and osha with a great deal of regularity for our patients. Some patients are more comfortable with herbs as treatment instead of prescription medication. Since both programs work wonders for treating illness, we seek out donations that we can offer patients for free to use in conjunction with the doctor’s diagnosis.
Mt. Rose Herbs is well known in our town for actively supporting community health projects such as ours. They stepped bravely to the plate last year to help us out in our time of need. I asked for another donation of capsules, salves and essential oils for 2013 and waited for a reply.
I had assumed that our request was rejected when I got a call from the Mt. Rose office. They had good news. They met and decided that since we are an ongoing project with strong community support, we would be granted $500 instead of the $200 that I originally asked for. I was stunned. The faces of the patients that so desperately need these herbs swam before my eyes. I couldn’t say thank you enough.
Later that night, OM fielded another surprise. A volunteer, Arwen, and I presented a presentation to compete for an award of $500 from Emerald F.E.A.S.T. that we hoped to use to sponsor our prescription medicine program. Currently, we can get the first $50 of a prescription covered for patients without insurance through neighborhood voucher programs. The rest comes out of our donation jar or, more commonly, the pockets of kind-hearted volunteers.
Arwen and I heard the programs that the other presenters were running. It didn’t seem like we had a chance to win but we loved the idea of sharing OM with a captive audience. Healthcare for all needs buy in from Oregonians. This was a chance to pitch our cause.
When our name was called out as the winner of the award. Arwen and I just stood there. We blinked. We turned to each other hoping the other person would know what to do. I don’t even remember what I said when I thanked the crowd. Hopefully, it came out in complete sentences.
We have struggled as Occupy Medical for so long on so little for a community that needs so much. The idea that we will have the supplies that we need to help our patients is still a difficult one to fathom.It is an idea that we can get used to.
Thanks again to all those from Mt. Rose Herbs and Emerald FEAST that made this possible for our little clinic to make our city a healthier place. Thank you also to CALC for walking us through the system of donation management.


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