OM Meeting Notes – 2/6/13

OM meeting notes – 2/6/13
Attendees – Donna G., Donna R., Leigh, Aimee, Majeska, Susan, Sue, Karen, Brooke, Elliott, T., James
Monday Rally – Donna gave a glowing report of the Rally. She gave tours of the bus during the meeting times at the Rally. Brooke reported on the representatives that we met with to push the healthcare for all bill in Oregon. Karen volunteered to go to Salem to meet with Rep. Floyd. We need to have a meeting to agree on talking points to reintegrate our focus. T stated that others on the tour noted the shoestring budget that we operate on makes duplicating this clinic doable.
Friday wound Clinic – There are some logistical problems in a variety of areas with Friday Clinic. We need to let this project rest for a few weeks so we can solve the problems before restarting it. Consensus for a new location for this Clinic was achieved. The new location will need a large enough space for the 35″ bus. We would like an electrical outlet. Bathroom, visibility and safe access.
Sunday nurse – We are going to restructure the nursing station to further the resources available to the patients. Nurses should be the mandatory station between doctor and treatment. Triage will add the job of introducing the patient to the doctor.
volunteer orientation – we will talk about the volunteer orientation after the messaging committee meets
501c3 committee – Aimee and Barb have joined the 501c3 committee with Sue. Sue is super psyched to have their help.
Insulation – We have denim insulation to sew into sheets to make into insulation panels. Donna G. and Elliott will help with getting these panels sewn.
permit renewal – Jerry is an official key holder of the electrical permit
James has removed himself from the OM team to catch up on other projects. He will be missed.
Dental – Sue and Donna met with Kim from white bird dental clinic to establish the next dental extraction clinic. It would cost $1500 + the hourly wage of one staff member for the day. Donna knows a variety of dentists to ask for help with this endeavor.
Statistics – Brooke and Donna R. are eager to put together the statistics. We consensed that we moving ahead with the statistics.
Messaging Committee- Leigh, Brooke, Karen, T, Sue, Donna


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