OM Meeting Notes 2/13/13

Occupy Medical 13 Feb 2013
Campus Glenwood upstairs
Attendees: Andrea, Jerry, Karen, Sue, Brooke, Elliot, Bill
Note taker: Brooke

Friday clinic:
Staffing: Karen, Dr. Mark
We need solid staffing before we start up Friday clinic
We discussed other locations that would increase foot traffic and visibility
Donna Riddle talked to Sprouts- Springfield Farmers Market 3-7 on Friday, Sprouts location is free and has electrical hook up.
Majeska talked to Red Apple: extension cord issue.
Elliot : If we set up Friday clinic – we need people to drive the bus and set it up.

Cindy Hardin is really excited about helping. Community Health Outreach worker at Peacehealth. She can get prescriptions for non-PH patients. High risk, low-income, no insurance patients. Case worker and CNA.

Data collection: what neighborhood did you come from?

Notes on Sunday 10th:
A new volunteer – Wayne – knows how to get people on Social Security and get them to services.
FYI: 15 and up can make medical decisions by themselves.
David Garcia Health & Human Services from Welfare office – will send us clients.
42 people on a skeleton crew. People felt frantic.
How do we streamline the process?
Were more people vets? –> someone from the VA has been spreading the word.

Nurses need more room: as it gets warmer we can set up a second tent? Karen thinks that is a great idea.
We can start lab services as we Sue just deposited a nice donations! Whoo hoo!

Accounting help:
We are cleared of tax obligation from the county. Nice note: The staff was very helpful and was familiar with our work.
Maybe Brooke’s stepfather who lives in Newport could be a good candidate to help with OM finances.

Social Justice, Real Justice
Washington Jefferson Park

We need to recognize volunteers
Thank you for volunteers
Brooke will help with new volunteers when they come on Sundays (this makes sense since she helps with intake).

Volunteers needed for:
Tent team
Bus team
Pharmacy support team
Mental Health team: Psychologists, MSWs, Counselors, etc..
Care, feeding, health and design of Bus team -> mechanics, carpentry, electricians, engineers
Messaging and recruitment team
Legislature team


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