New Herbal Donations

file000267364900(1)Occupy Medical thanks Timeless and Daughters, the makers of the Burden Cloth and topical herbal medicine, for donating to our clinic. This is a small, local company that generously opened their hearts to the plight of the suffering in our community by offering a bag of topical herbal medicine to the clinic.
As is typical of every clinic donation, the Sunday following this donation was filled with patients sorely in need of the very items that were brought in. Our volunteers barely had time to even remove the herbal salves from the bag as patients appeared in the treatment station with a request from the doctor to get topical herbs for their injuries.
Green Comfort salve ,Herbal Liniment, Unburn Gold, and Mind Soothe all proved to be the perfect medicine to save the day. Thank you all at Timeless and Daughters!


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