Meeting notes 2-27-13

Occupy Medical Meeting
Attending: Andrea, Jerry, Elliot, Sue, Benjamin, Arlene (New! Yeah!), Donna R., Brooke, T, Leigh, Donna G.

• Trauma Healing Project: for acupuncture. It is free, it can be free.
• Patient(s) in the tent with electronics: They need to sit some place else besides by the coffee pot. Elliot will bring an extension cord. We may need to set up a separate electronics.
• Jennifer F-K and Scotty Perey are trying to get us a separate tent for a quiet waiting spot which can be used by mental health for peaceful retreats. The tent needs walls.

Old business:
• Resource nurse?: we weren’t able to do this because we were short staffed. We will try again next week.
• Karen: Looking into putting Friday clinic at Springfield. Donna has given Karen the application and guidelines. Difficulty: finding space for the bus that has electrical hook ups. We will need some one to reserve us 2 parking spots.
• Triage team: Did they get together? Not yet.
• Jerry: next dental clinic? Lina is possibly organizing this in conjunction with her organization OCA.
• Incident form? done! Looks great. Might need a place for follow up actions.
• Benjamin got reimbursed!
• Policies and procedures will be on the website.
• Doctors that have been recruited: Dr. Mark? Dr. Mark? There are 2! One of them wants to work with the Friday clinic. Peter is Dr. Mark’s entry. Matthew McClain: Pac
• Recruiting: Jerry is going to go around to schools to recruit medical people.

Mental Health Team: met right before clinic.
• Becca is the point person for Mental Health
• The primary purpose is to make things easier for people on the bus
• No one will be there as a “Mental Health person” to offer professional counseling.
• Becca and Benjamin will give training on rephrasing.
• More information on scheduled drugs and those that aren’t prescribed to be put up around the clinic.
• Will they put together information on when to call Cahoots / the police?
• Sue: Safety of the clinic, volunteers and other patients is more important than the immediate concerns of a single patient. in other words, we can not allow a disruptive patient to endanger others.
• Sue’s policy about being seen on the bus:

  • If the patient is a danger to volunteers or patients, they can’t be seen on the bus. (example: physically or sexually threatening)
  • If a patient escalates in enclosed situations then they are seen off the bus.
  • Patients that have highly communicable diseases they need to be seen off the bus. This is always a danger but some patients come with a diagnosis ahead of time. (ie. TB)

• At intake: If you see a pink clipboard, that patient should be seen off the bus.
• We have a safe word now: if you hear the phrase you are to drop everything and go assist. Ask what it is.
• People seen off the bus: they should be seen with more than one person.
• The mental health team will accompany someone who could be a problem on to the bus.
• Leigh has created a triage form for mental health.

We reviewed our drug schedule policy and decided to keep it as is.

Labs: we have funding for labs and are looking for funding for labs.
One complication: do we draw blood on the lab or do we send them?
We do have a number of people who can draw blood.

Incident reports
• Discussion about what the purpose of the form is, and how to format it.
• Do we need to figure out protocols for dealing with some incidents?

  • We do have some protocols in place for some of them. They are on the bus. Ask someone on the medical team.

System flow data was briefly reviewed. Brooke, with Elliot’s input, will continue data collection the next two Sundays. Looking for clocks or watches to make the time checking easier. Brooke thanks everyone for being so helpful with this!

Send Mayor Piercy and the the City Council an email to thank them for the port-a-potty ( We do not pay anything for this.

FYI: Our safety net clinics are gone, thus Occupy Medical is increasing in numbers.Whitebird, Charnelton Clinic, Riverstone (County Clinic) are closed to new patients or have a 3 month waiting list. That is one of the reasons why our numbers have gone up.


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