Meeting notes – 4/3/13 and 4/10/13

OM meeting April 3, 7-9pm Campus Glenwood,
Attendees – T, Brooke, Cindy, Elliot, Nurse Karen, Jerry, Andrea, Donna R., Benjamin, Karen M., Leigh, Donna G.
2nd tent – We have not heard back from Costco yet about the free or reduced price tent. Elliot and Jerry will go down to Costco tomorrow to find out for certain. We need the tent no matter what. If we can not get a reduction in price, we consensed to buy the tent no matter what the price by Sunday. It will rain and our patients are overflowing the existing space.
We will be getting a cot via Donna as a temporary outdoor exam table.
The water issue is partially solved. We have a donation from McKenzie Mist (Thanks to Patti Leahy) for 3 free 3 gallon containers of water with a pump per week. We just need to bring back the containers to be refilled.
Hot water – Sue hopes that our hot water worries are worked out. She wants to set up more water heating stations so we don’t get caught without an adequate source of hot water next time.
Volunteer log – We have more stats coming. We need to log our volunteer hours for future grants.
Mental health – Karen has been invited to sit on a board for community mental health. They are addressing the inadequacy of the system and amend it. It is a agency wide collection board.
Eliott talked about a clandestine meeting with a judge and 2 county workers who have no place to send their mental health clients. Is that us?
We need to find out how to manage our growth. How much money will it take to serve the increased population? How many staff? Where do we put them? Elliot and Brooke will work on this topic. We consensed that Karen will be our ambassador for the Mental Health Summit.
Dalia Lama – Both Karen and Sue invited the Dalai Lama to tour the bus. Those of us with tickets will flyer the inside of the Dalai Lama speaking event.
Friday Clinic will start again in June after Karen’s knee has healed.
501c3 – OM Bylaws were officially adopted. We consensed that Brooke is our Secretary. She agreed. Her first order of business is to sign the adopted bylaws.
Jerry contacted Good Neighbor Sam to get a quote on road service.

Meeting notes - 4/10/13
Attendees - Donna R., Sue, Karen, T., Elliot, Ben, Becca, Jerry, Alison, Andrea, Mark, Brooke, Cindy
Agenda - 
Sean has gray scaled our brochures for print - 5,000 for free
School board report - 4J school board is considering eliminating the in-school health and mental health clinics. Sue made a request to the school board to reconsider this austerity measure.
Abusive Occupier - Sue would like to provide a safe place for women that have been victimized by the person. We can collect their stories and find a place bring them to light to protect the women that have been suffering alone.
Donations - herbs - T suggested we need to get donations from larger companies. The herbalists have a list of potential donors that they are splitting up to beg for funds.
Clinic flow - Karen noted that since we have 2 tents, we can divvy up the patients more effectively. We need 2 doctors at the beginning. We need 1 more Braun ear thermometer (White Bird) for triage and nurse station. Insect reports go to nurses first to determine whether the patient goes on the bus or not. 
Signs are needed for the tent - 
	No smoking
	1 free item per person
	1st come 1st serve but some patients may need to be pulled to the front of your line. Thank you for your understanding. 
	No photography without express consent of Occupy Medical. Permission forms are available at the intake desk
retreat - Saturday, April 27th is a proposal for retreat. Call Karen for directions. Potluck and bring your own liquids.
fundraising ideas - Garage sales, pints for a cause.
Check in about mental health - is it working? - We feel supported by mental health. 
Vaccine clinic update - Heather proposed May 5th for the Lane County Public Health Tdap vaccines like we did last time. Allison is handling this event.
Brooke notes - refills for pharmaceuticals, Google Voice Mail will have information about our refill system, Both refills from the VA and from the prison system can not be refilled. they must be treated as new patients.  
Volunteer time - We have an online form for logging volunteer time for grants. We will print out a version of the forms for hard copies to put in a folder. Hospitality can keep the hard copies and the name tags to distribute and remind people of their hour logging obligation.

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