A Call for Help

Herbal Medicine for the People

Herbal Medicine for the People

Eugene’s OCCUPY MEDICAL clinic continues to grow and expand. Last quarter we had an average of 25 patients and already our numbers have risen to 30-40 per clinic. We expect the trend to continue. One of our primary jobs is serving the medical needs of our community. We operate on a shoestring budget that is based 100% on community donations. Many of our donations come from total strangers who understand the need and want to be a viable part of the solution. A significant amount of our volunteers and donors are previous patients or friends and family of patients. Many now wish to complete the circle of reciprocity with the generous gift of their time and/or resources.
A unique feature of OCCUPY MEDICAL is that we are not just an emergency care clinic. We provide preventative and managed care with 48% of our patients returning for further assistance. All of our treatments are completely free, which provides an opportunity for our patients to make personal healthcare choices that are best for them, not just what they can afford at the time.
The nutritional and herbal department has increased in popularity as our patients learn the qualities of herbal medicine. Even patients who previously did not have the slightest interest in plant medicine are now requesting this care. The herbal remedies that we provide are high to medium dose botanicals. We offer several different forms (tinctures, vinegar based, and capsules) for internal consumption, in addition to our topical salves and infused oils. It is not uncommon for us to give away between 8 and 10 oz of tincture, 400 herbal capsules, multiple doses of essential oils, a wide array of nutritional supplements and several bottles of homeopathic medicine per clinic. We move through inventory quickly and need your help in sustaining this facet of OCCUPY MEDICAL, especially with our services expanding to Fridays in addition to our regular Sunday clinic. Our need will double in a few short weeks.
If you are an herbalist and are willing to donate your tinctures, we would be more than appreciative to share them with the community. If you are fortunate enough to have a garden with culinary and/or medicinal herbs that we may harvest to craft medicine from, please let us know. We need your help so that we may continue to offer alternative modalities of health and healing. We wish to make plant medicine accessible to those that we have the privilege of serving.
OCCUPY MEDICAL is changing the future of “traditional” medicine to welcome various alternatives in care. It is not an easy journey and we cannot achieve our goal alone. Please help us in any way you can. Our website https://occupymedics.wordpress.com/ lists the herbs that are in high demand, as well as the nutritional supplements that we regularly use. Please feel free to stop by one of our clinics and speak with Sue or “T”.

In solidarity,
T and Sue


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