Tax Day Donation

Sue Accepts the Much Needed Donation  from Taxes for Peace not War

Sue Accepts the Much Needed Donation from Taxes for Peace not War

April 15th is the day that War Tax Resisters throughout America have chosen to publicly display their frustration with government supported aggression. The National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee explains the motivation for movement best.

“In the U.S. war tax resisters choose to refuse some or all of their federal income tax and/or other taxes, like the federal excise tax on local telephone service. Income taxes and excise taxes are destined for the government’s general fund and about half of that money helps to pay for the military budget including all types of weapons of war and weapons of mass destruction.

People take many roads to war tax resistance:

some are protesting a particular war;
some find it against their religious convictions to knowingly support war;
some are horrified by massive U.S. military spending while human needs go unmet;
some are or would be conscientious objectors if called to military service and, therefore, feel they cannot in good conscience pay for something they would refuse to do themselves.

Most war tax resisters are motivated by a combination of reasons like these, and actively work for peace in many other ways too.”

While Occupy Medical is not a war tax resistance group, most of our volunteers do agree that government would wise to reconsider use of the hard earned tax money they do receive. We were happy to receive support from members of Taxes for Peace not War.
The event was cosponsored by Taxes for Peace Not War, Lane County Women’s Action for New Directions and Community Alliance of Lane County who staged the event in from the post office as an expression of their outrage at the government’s policy to fund the international war effort. Members of Occupy Medical showed up to accept the donation and cheer other activist groups on. We are proud of the work our allies do every day to make this world a better place.


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