Meeting notes – 4/24/13

Agenda 4/24/13
Attendees – Donna, Allie, Jerry, Wendy, T., Becca, Dr. Willy, Cindy, Brooke, Cindy K., Donna G., Elliott
Intake – Donna/Brooke We need to keep better track of our charts. Dr. Willy was trapped last Sunday and needs to have a runner to contain patient flow. Triage will work up a list of protocols to establish better patient flow. Take out pink chart to be served first. We will be cutting off patients at 3pm. Intake does not need to track treatment any more. Brooke will take care of this later.
May Day – Rally at Kesey Square. Sue has been invited to speak about OM. Consensus achieved.
MAP – Cindy will not be working at Peacehealth any more. Her new job allows her to directly access MAP for our patients at Occupy Medical. She will bring her laptop and enroll patients on Sunday. The behavior meds will not be on her list of meds to fill.
Kickstarter – Kids from UofO are close to finishing the kickstarter video
Calling a meeting to reenforce our allies – 
fundraiser – T is getting the run around with connections on starting the band fundraiser. Becca will call her contact to get the number of the go to person to make this project go faster.
Trauma Center workshop – Tuesday 4/30/13 at Trauma Healing 1-3:30 – Workshop on dealing with patients with trauma 222 Coburg RD.
Cindy – announcement Trillium may be interested in funding us. Chiropractor/PT volunteer potential. He is invited to pop by and see how the clinic runs to see how he would fit in to the program.
Coop program LCC – Arlene discussed using our program as a destination for LCC students. Elliott and Sue will meet Peter to get more details.
Med students – Jerry met with the head of the OSU Pharmacy school to reinforce our relationship with their program. Consensus on moving forward with pursuing this project.
4 month camping ban – July 1
Cahoots – T suggested that we ask a rep from Cahoots to share the aspects of their program
Churches – T would like to see more churches to share food through out the month.
Retreat – Come one, come all. Bring food, bring liquids. Email Becca to let her know what time you will be arriving. 
Vaccine Clinic – May 5th as planned. Allie sent a notice to Eugene Weekly already.


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