Meeting Notes 5/1/13

Agenda 5/1/13
Attendees – Donna, Elliott, Brooke, T., Arline, Jerry, Andrea, Ali, Jason, Cindy, Leigh, Sue
growth plan – Elliott and Brooke gave a thorough presentation of our clinics growth. They passed out handouts and posted more notes on the wall to make it easier to see. Our patient load has quadrupled in the last 6 months. According to the growth rate which Elliott and Brooke tracked, our projected growth is between 25-40%. This means that by October we will be seeing between 155-300 patients per clinic. We are currently utilizing between 21-24 volunteers per shift. See the information in our Documents section of the website for more information on this presentation. Perhaps we need to break up our patients into acute and chronic care. 3 hour shifts for doctors to plan for overlap. Scarce resources are doctors and real estate.
mission statement – 501c3 paperwork has mission statement. Sue will send it to the email group. Siletz Tribe grant has money available. They will accept applications for under $15,000. To do lab tests, we need a CLIA waiver. This is a federal certification.
list serve – Volunteers that are vetted are on the list serve.
Sue’s job description – We need to agree to basic communication skills. Presentations in the community. Managing. 1st contacts. Taking to the press. If others can think of things they would like to add to her job description, please send her an email. Sue does not want to over or under step any boundaries. Clarity helps her do her job better.
U of O Students for Global Health – We have 2 students from this organization. We can draft volunteers from this group.
Fundraising – Steel Wool fundraiser is arranged for Cozmic Pizza. The Sugar Beets fundraiser is on the back burner for next year.
Coburg clinic – $1/month for rental of the space
Bus remodel – Dave will do an estimate of the remodel
Bus cleaning – We need to clean the bus. It is yucky.
Flow managing with treatment and docs will be discussed at a later date.
New intake form – Dr. Leigh brought in the new intake form. Some of the information has been eliminated on the form. Some information has been added.
Covering hospitality – Terra and Martin?
Trillium presentation – Sue 8:30am- Wednesday, May 12th
Larissa from Triage is applying for med school. Those that work with her could write a reference. This is one way to say thank you for all her hard work.


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