The Friends List

Occupy Medical

Occupy Medical

Every week Occupy Medical gives away donations of medicine, medical supplies, supplements and hygiene supplies to those in need. Our policy on healthcare is strict: Healthcare is for all. Our ability to heal should not depend on what lines your wallet.
This means that some of our volunteers are busy chasing donations to support the Sunday clinic throughout the rest of the week. The supplies that we need come from a variety of sources. Personal donations are most common. One woman drove up and opened her trunk revealing boxes of brand new wound treatment supplies. Her mother had passed a few weeks earlier. Her family did not need the medical equipment and she knew her mother would approve of sharing these with the clinic.
Other donations come from groups dedicated to charity. Interfaith Occupy and churches such as First United Methodist and Episcopal Church of the Resurrection have helped our people on a regular basis. They bring food, supplies and support that truly comes the heart.
Our allies support us in ways that make our lives much easier. Cahoots popped by unexpectedly with big boxes of wound care. White Bird Clinic has offer numerous supplies through the past year and 1/2. They generously got us started with basic supplies back in the early days of Occupy. Our local hospitals have donated medical equipment that has tremendously expanded the level of care we can offer our patients.
Now businesses are starting to step up as well. Mountain Rose has always been a generous supporter of our clinic but other small, local businesses are sharing with OM this year. One of the owners of Sol Botanicals taught a free workshop via our community education series. McKenzie Mist supplies us with spring water.
As of today, a new business has joined the pursuit of universal healthcare by sharing a grocery bag of vitamins and herbal supplements. To them, it was helpful to lighten the shelves to make room for new product. To us, it meant saving our people from malnutrition. Thank you, Evergreen Nutrition. Welcome to Occupy Medical.


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