Meeting notes 4/15/13

Attendees – T, Sue, Karen A., Benjamin, Andrea, Jerry, Ali, Ashley, Jason,
Donna G., Dr. Bruce, Debra, Dr. Leigh, Donna R., Arline Agenda –
Prescription pads have finally arrived and been paid for Salem – The
lobbying went well this Monday. Our people spoke well for the cause. Only 4
people spoke against the bill.
Donations Mt. Rose donated more herbs and capsules. Merry Hempsters donated
more salves.
Coburg clinic – This opportunity would allow us to use the spot for storage.
Some of the space can be used as a clinic which though it is out of the way,
would be a boon for use.
Springfield Clinic – Sue and Karen will speak with Sprouts to get permission
to run the clinic at the Farmer’s Market there.
Hemp Fest – July 21st the Park Blocks are not
available for clinic. We will need to bring more chairs since there are no
benches. It is at Maurie Jacobs Park. Polk and Fir Lane across the river
from Valley River Center. Porta Potty may be a problem. We consensed that we
use this venue as an alternative to the Park Blocks location for this
Fundraiser – Steel Wool and Satory Bob will provide musical entertainment.
We need to put the flyers together.
Grant – Donna and T will put together the rest of the grant.
Labs – We have lab slips which are available on the clipboard in the slot
with the drug list for ordering labs. We need matching grants for this work.
Any Labs Now and Legacy Labs could offer us matching grants. They have been
slow to respond.
Notes – Donna G. offered to take notes and Karen offered to post them.
Trillium meeting – Cindy Hardin arranged a meeting with Jerry and Donna G to
discuss OM’s mission. They listened to the presentation and was keen about
asking questions. We need more BP cuffs. We should have a list of big ticket
items that we can request.
Wish list – Another Braun ear thermometer. New good bp cuffs New volunteers
were brought into the next room to get volunteer orientation information
Established volunteers stayed in the upstairs room to discuss volunteer
Clinic protection – Incidence reports are needed for situations in which a
volunteer may have behaviors that endanger the clinic or other clinic
We agreed to suspend a volunteer that violates the basic rules as an
emergency measure. The group agreed that serious violation relating to
patient endangerment, volunteer endangerment, HIPAA violations, violations
of our nondiscrimination policy or clinic endangerment are grounds for
immediate suspension by the team leader. The volunteers involved are advised
to write an incident report on the concerns leading to any emergency action.
The next meeting, the volunteer will have the opportunity to address the
(The last agenda item was revisited by the OM. See notes for 4/22/13 for updated information on this topic)


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