Meeting Notes – 5/22/13

Meeting notes 5/22/13
Attendees – Donna G., Vickie, Donna R., Elliott, Jerry, Andrea, Cindy, Dr. Willy, T., Karen, Arline, Sue
data – Vickie passed out a sheet for record keeping. This was a sample sheet for data collection that we can use for grant writing. Suggestions were made for adding and subtracting to make this from user friendly.
Heber – June 30 Tamale making and selling at Church of theResurrection. His wounds are getting worse. He has run out of supplies. Sue and Karen and Donna will bring by supplies.
BP cuffs are still missing – Elliott said that he put all the supplies in one clear tote in the area under the triage counter. We have 2 new cuffs that we had approved funding for coming this Sunday. We will do a more thorough search this Sunday before clinic. We consensed to buying the adult and pediatric cuffs.
Cahooots – If there is a suicide threat, we must take this seriously and call CAHOOTS. Mental health won’t talk to them until they sober up though.
Fundraiser – Donna volunteered to help T with the fundraiser.
grant – Donna R and T are working with WhiteBird Dental clinic. Sue, Donna and T met with Kim from WBD to set up the requirements for dental access to their clinic for free patient care.
Andrea – will be leaving the 19th of June
Insurance – We still don’t have break down insurance for the bus. Neither Good Neighbor Sam or AAA will cover.
We will continue to have only 2 people as the webmasters manage the site. Leigh and Sue are the current webmasters.
Storage – Polk site is possible site for storage. Security is a concern.
Treatment – We have limited space in treatment. Triage agreed to get the BP before going to herbal treatment.
volunteer concern – Discussion of how to deal with unacceptable or dangerous behaviors by volunteers. Proper policy guidelines. When and how to report a grievance. forms/instructions . Statistics and incident report forms taken off of website. Discussion of sexual harassment policy and procedures. Inappropriate postings to the OM website. Decisions re: new protocols, by-laws were read for clarification, prior mediation through SUGAR re: volunteer concerns, some discourse regarding decisions made at last week’s meeting, clarification re HIPAA discrimination pt endangerment volunteer endangerment clinic endangerment, unlawful activity, operating out of scope of practice,
policy changes, rules re: suspension of volunteers, proposed changes in
New proposal for by-laws, what is an “urgent/emergent” problem, protocol for removing a volunteer, possibility for team leaders to have a meeting once a month.
All Voting for new policy put on hold, 1) proposal once a month for policy, 2) proposals for changes to by-laws 3) how to bring closure for current volunteer problem
stress of ground rules getting solidly set, discussion of how to find an appropriate mediator
work on the wording, is listserve appropriate for this discussion
can we agree that suspending volunteer wasn’t following by-laws, clarification of what is an emergency suspension. (The last agenda item was revisited by the OM. See notes for 4/27/13 for updated information on this topic)
Next meeting:approving or amending by-laws, respectful communication via listserve


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