More Donations from an Old Friend

A Little Goes a Long Way

A Little Goes a Long Way

The Merry Hempsters is a local company owned and operated by a long-standing Occupy supporter. Even when Occupy Medical was just a few lawn chairs under a tarp, Gerry, the owner, saw to it that we had donations to keep us going.
Gerry has stepped up to the plate many times since then. He has brought us lip balms, lotions, containers and a hefty supply of raw materials to work with. His generosity is inspiring.
It is clear that he understands that Occupy Medical is more than a first aid tent. We are the pioneers in the healthcare revolution. Gerry has seen enough suffering and he wants to make a change.
Recently, Gerry stepped in with more donations from Merry Hempster: raw herbs and boxes and boxes of salves and lotions. Once again, my herb team stood in awe as we stared at the donations.
As volunteers, we get used to the idea of living on a shoestring. If we have the donation, we will give it, for free, to the patient. If we don’t have it, we scrounge around our supplies and make do or scratch our heads for places that our patients can get adequate substitutions.
This time we don’t have to scrounge or make do. We can just hand the patient with psoriasis the lotion he needs. We can just hand the woman with cracked lips that balm that she needs. We can reach into a box and pull out what we want, when we want it. We are getting spoiled.
Thank you, Merry Hempsters, for helping our people. Thank you, Gerry, for understanding that you are part of solution.


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