Steel Wool

Steel Wool

Occupy Medical is hoping your love of local music will help fill their coffers. At 6:00 on Sunday June 23 at Cozmic  (199 W. 8th in Eugene, OR), enjoy a slice of handmade organic pizza and a cold microbrew while taking in the local musical talent of STEEL WOOL and Satori Bob! Proceeds allow OCCUPY MEDICAL to continue their work in providing free and inclusive health care for all.
A team of volunteers donate their time, skills and care to making sure anyone and everyone in Eugene has access to health care. From a patient’s perspective, it’s what single-payer health care looks like, and it’s free.
On Sundays from noon until 4 pm you can walk up to the former bloodmobile painted red and white and emblazoned “Occupy Medical Mobile Clinic,” that’s parked downtown at the Park Blocks and get anything from a Band-Aid to a prescription for heart medicine. You can also get food, a haircut and proof that someone cares.
Everything at the clinic is at no cost to the patients and everything is donated, from the work of a herbalist and two other medical doctors, to bandages and prescriptions.
This event is your chance to directly help people in need right here in Eugene while you’re having a great time.

Tim Mueller of Steel Wool, featured at the benefit, says, “I wrote a song called “Occupy” when this movement started. We all look forward to playing it for this group. It’s all adrenaline!” Tim is songwriter, lead vocalist and acoustic/electric guitar player for Steel Wool; long time area musician TR Kelley is on bass and vocals, Nel Applegate does mbira, percussion and vocals, and Randy Hamme is the drummer. This Eugene, Oregon band features three part harmonies, inventive bass lines, exceptional rhythm guitar, great drumming and percussion accents, sweet love songs, call-to-action songs, rockin’ songs and ‘hey let’s dance now songs’. They describe their music as “harmony driven – all original, funky world beat folk rock, upbeat and happily serious.” Their first CD, “All the Love in the World”, was released this spring.

Satori Bob

Satori Bob

Satori Bob has evolved over many years, centered on the work and vision of singer/guitarist/composer John Baumann. John’s songwriting, musicianship and presence has earned him loyal fans across the US. The interplay between longtime accompanist Devin Newman on banjo, noted bassist Jeff Langston, and the highly creative Russ Wilbanks on guitars, round out this fast-rising Eugene, Oregon based acoustic/electric ensemble.
The band conveys a vibrant energy in diverse settings, bringing audiences into the performance with compelling lyrics, uncanny improvisational interplay and strong arrangements. Their appeal has the ability to cross many boundaries with songs ranging from gentle acoustic pieces to hard-to-ignore social commentary.

Yachats, OR

Yachats, OR

Be sure to take advantage of our raffle while you are there. We have a hand stitched quilt and a free night at the Sea Rose guest house in Yachats available to those who want to buy a raffle ticket. If you lucky, you could win both prizes. Imagine snuggling under a soft, cotton quilt in front of the fire with a glass of wine in your hand as you watch the sunset over the sea from a cozy deck chair at the Sea Rose. Sounds like splendor!


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