It’s the Little Things …

Help for Those That Need It the Most

Help for Those That Need It the Most

At Occupy Medical, we are spoiled by community support. There is a sizable collection of wonderful people that regularly pop by the clinic with donations of vitamins, aspirin, toothpaste or other small ticket items that our clinic can not operate without. They note our plea for donations on Facebook or on our website and tap their own resources to provide it.

We run a tight ship. Every donation goes to directly to a patient. We are careful to monitor the needs that our people can supply  to maintain basic health supplies for preventative and manged care.

We are grateful for all of the donations that walk in the door but like I said, we are a bit spoiled. We are starting to get used to the idea that we can help our patients with local resources simply by asking for it. Once and a while, something stops us in our tracks that gives us perspective on the depth of the generosity that surrounds us.

Last week, I put out another plea on Facebook for a few small ticket items. One of our steadfast donors, Kitte Lishuss, stepped up to the plate again with a box of newly purchased supplies. I sent her a thank you via Facebook because our conversation was cut short when she dropped them off on Sunday.

Here is our subsequent conversation:

Sue: Your donation came at just the right time (again). Thank you so much for stepping in to help our clinic. We were down to the wire on several of these items. It felt good to be able to offer help where help was needed without stressing about the source. 

Kitte: Yay! I am glad to hear it! I just got a Costco card this week specifically to buy stuff to donate to Occupy Medical.

(At this point in the conversation, I paused. This woman really went out of her way to help our people. She, like many of our regular donors, has limited resources. This is a person who is dedicated to helping others in whatever way she can. I got a lump in my throat. The conversation continued.)

Sue: Wow. You just made me cry.

Kitte: Aaaw. We’re all in this together, sister!

Well said, Kitte, well said.

Do want to support our cause? You may send the check (made out to “Occupy Medical”) to our address: 3575 Donald Street, Suite 230, Eugene, Oregon 97405.


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