Meeting notes – 5/29/13

Meeting Notes – 5/29/13

Attendees: Elliott, Bill, Andrea, Jason, Karen, Arline, Sue, Benjamin, Donna R., T., Jerry, Becca, Ambrose, Donna G, Ali, Debra, Cindy, Dr. Bruce, Carla

Dr Willy has a line on lower-cost labs: he says his pal who owns AnyLabNow will give us “doctor prices” for any labs we order. We need to verify that patients (or the clinic) will only be charged client fees if the order is written on an OM lab form. The Charnelton Clinic now only has 1 month waiting list and the lab fees are free.

From Dr. Leigh: Dr. Willy also had a patient who needs her old records obtained from California to evaluate a serious issue. I will make a Release of Records form on our letterhead, and practitioners can either write their own contact info (e.g. fax number) on them, or allow the records to be sent to the office and brought to the next clinic if non-urgent. This highlights the fact that WE NEED A DEDICATED MEDICAL RECORDS TEAM. If we are going to do labs and handle lab results, ditto imaging, as well as request and store old records, not to mention handling records for people’s disability claims thus we need a dedicated person/team.

We are providing urgent care, street care. We don’t have the facility or the volunteers for this service. We provide longitudinal urgent care. (Urgent care plus)

Bill proposed that we go through HIPAA training together.

Majeska meeting – we incorporated without members so there is no such thing as voting members
we can change this $50 restated articles of incorporation
voting member ORC chapter 9 on nonprofit corporations voting members vs nonvoting members
organizational meeting – we need to have this
incorporator should the one to name the original board of directors and first voting members
must be in minutes and must be done before the 1st IRS evaluation
main power of the voting members is that they select the next board of directors
by laws details – all present for properly called meeting (page 3 section 10) 1st paragraph (greater required by law? there is no greater than all) we cuan not have complete consensus or 1 person could block to suspend themselves – emergency suspension is necessary and required by IRS
rules about blocking – consensus minus 1 or 2
extend the of CALC fiscal sponsorship
page 6 section 11 need to change this to fit our rules
need a work session for organization and policies – must have board members there
Friday clinic – Karen and Sue will meet to settle this and finish the application

cargo hold feedback and remodeling next step – the cargo hold was solid and easy to use. Remodeling – label and color code the boxes to make set and break down easier. Andrea proposed having a clean up day and bus remodel planning.

June 15 Chad Dr. 10 am – whenever. Becca has volunteered to cook for us.

prescriptions – pads, current protocol feedback

grievance policy – we need the structure for handling and addressing grievances and incident reports. Emergency suspension from service. We agreed to temporarily suspend a volunteer that violates the basic rules. Patient endangerment, volunteer endangerment, HIPAA violations (if it causes harm), discrimination or clinic endangerment are grounds for immediate suspension by the team leader. The volunteers involved must write an incident report. The next meeting, the volunteer will have the opportunity to address the incident.

tamale fundraiser – June 28th is the tamale fundraiser – 8am to 10pm for cooking tamales, Jerry and Heber are the phone volunteers.

We need volunteers for a financial team and a financial oversight committee
July 21st clinic (ran out of time, must discuss next meeting)
BP cuffs – We found some of the missing BP cuffs. Elliott put them in a labelled box. We need a new x-large bp cuff – Becca offered to buy one and donate it to the clinic.
dental grant – Donna put together a list of dentists to call to solicit for volunteer service for the upcoming dental clinic. We have 6 dental chairs available to us at White Bird Dental Clinic. One day rider for extra 1 million liability insurance.
Notes approval – 4/15/13 notes approved, 4/22/13 to be approved next meeting
summer hours, 3 hour shifts – the doctors are working to amend their schedule to do overlap shifts so we can help more patients

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