Meeting notes 6/12/13

Occupy Medical Meeting 6/12/13

Present: Andrea, Karen Adkins, Carla, Jason, Intake Donna, Becca


Posters:  We need to get the posters up around town.  Donna will check with T, and Sue to get them.  Andrea suggested Sean from Occupy might be willing to distribute some of them. Suggested places were the library, Capellas, Sundance, Kiva, Friendly Market, Frontier Market, Red Barn, Voodoo donuts, 5th St.  Donna will check with the WOW hall re: distribution also.

PSAs:  We need to get some to KLCC, KRVM, Eugene Weekly. Donna will check with T.

Raffle tickets:   Karen has raffle tickets for distribution. $130 worth of raffle tickets have already been sold. We need someone to set up a table and sell them at Saturday Market.  Donna will contact Graham to get the gift certificate and display he has about the SeaRose Guest House.

There was some discussion about other raffle tickets or perhaps getting bottle of wine to sell or have as door prizes.  Becca will check with her contact about wine donations, and check with Cosmic Pizza to make sure it would be o.k.

Bus Cleaning  Saturday June 15th     10am-2pm  SVDP on Chad Drive:

Becca has an all day workshop but she will make the food Friday night and Andrea will pick it up and bring it out.  Karen sent out an e-mail about the clean-up asking for RSVPs so that Becca will have some idea about how much food to prepare.

At least one representative from each station needs to be there to have a voice in organizing  the new CLEAN LEAN MACHINE/Occupy Medical Bus.

If people have non-toxic cleaning supplies, bring them.  There was also some discussion about using Simple Green on some surfaces, and bleach on the foot soaking tubs. More discussion was made about pressure washing the bus, washing windows, etc.  Andrea may buy some tubs for storage.


Spanish translation:

Martin is working on getting some Spanish translators for the Clinic. Carla got some Spanish forms from Lane County Mental Health.  It was noted that most Spanish speakers bring someone to translate and the telephone translation did work.


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