OM Meeting Notes – 6/5/13

OM Meeting 6/5/13
Attendees – Donna G., Jerry, Andrea, Dr. Willy, Jason, Karen, Wendy, Donna R., Carla, Ben
Agenda items
Occupier articles – Call out to article from OM/ occupier is asking for individual articles/donations,volunteers, suggestion for success stories requirements ie. permission, asking patients for thoughts on how we are doing, foot care, wound care Sue will send out contact info
Donations on line – paypal- on the website, share the link n Facebook, does pay-pal make a percentage? payments made directly to the bank, if donators want a tax receipt they would have do go through CALC
meeting notes approval- May 15th notes approved and on website, 22nd notes still pending
flyers – benefit Fliers will be passed out 50 fliers, quilt offered to be raffled off, at five dollars, we need a roll of tickets, suggested to approach local business people, Karen to make tickets, Donna will ask for a donation for place on coast, selling tickets at work, name and person who sold it, with phone number
last clinic check in- Notes from previous clinics, more Hispanic population patients, need for a Spanish translator, need for Spanish, Donna made a hard copy of what has been written on dry erase board, Sue take information to Central Latino Americano,
conflict resolution issues
VP vacancy- Jerry has resigned from the board as the vice president, he still has the ability to sign checks,  501c3 when it becomes official we need to have quarterly meetings, Donna-Gail interested, Carla, application has not been sent off yet/needs, protocol for nominating people for positions, who will sign on bank checks?
mental summit – The mental health summit feels that White Bird is enough representation for the population that we serve. We are not invited to this conference as a result.
storage update- Sue –  Helen’s warehouse on 7th and Polk, a building has been offered for storage, goal is to have a steady solid place to take inventory and a place for donations, the building is up for sale but until it is sold we have free access, how to make sure OM has sole ability to enter premises
 Allocating money for new locks. Sue will get more info to make a more informed decision
We need to donate what we can’t use to King …..,for their national donation program, business is on 13th
 work party – At St.Vincent de Paul’s on Chad Drive, is there water there?, June   , organization party, Becca will make food
All three sections need to be open for possible doctor use
Patient H.  needs to go to Portland for an immigration meeting
ROI- (release of information) basic information forms, some on bus and in intake, when releasing forms we need to have pt sign a form, Sue will make template
White Bird has an MD on Thursdays. WB also needs and MD
Hempfes t- Clinic will be n site, no electric but will have generator, Jason is doing security the night before, water can be brought over, Sunday the bus will be in the Parking lot, July 21st. Dr. Willy suggested that we have more than one doctor to deal with large amounts of patients.
lab tests- we may needs another committee to sort out complex lab/need/payment process. Dr. Leigh is most knowledgeable, need for our own account, Dr. Willie will check on his connection, see if Cindy has any suggestions, $50
conflict resolution issues- We have 2 problem solving processes. One is to have mediation with the person with the grievance can meet with a mediator and the person that they are holding the grievance against. The other is to have a meeting with the group and a facilitator.

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