OM meeting 6/26/13

OM Meeting 6/26/13
> Attendees: Dr. Bruce, Debra, Sue, Karen A., Donna R., Donna G., Arline, Jason
> Herb meeting is postdue
> Prescription pads have been ordered. They will hopefully arrive before next clinic.
> Labs – We received a donation of $2500 for the labs. The check will be written to CALC. They will take a 5% administrative fee before cutting us the check. Any Lab Tests Now would be a good place to start a lab account. Dr. Willy and Jerry have connected with them already. Arline would like to work with them to secure blood samples.
> HIPAA – Nelson has volunteered to translate our HIPAA forms into Spanish.
> Tamale fundraiser – Church of the Resurrection is offering its kitchen to cook the tamales. 2:30pm start time on Friday. Donna R. has been papering the town with flyers.
> White Bird Dental Clinic – They still have a grant to pay for dental service for the unhoused but have reduced the amount of service to $300 per patient. They need a voucher to verify “income” for the patients that request service. OM is allowed to write a note stating the amount of income (ie $0)
> Doctor schedule – Donna G., Jason, Karen and Donna R. would like to be apprised of the doctor’s schedule so they can make plans accordingly.
> Board members – Karen read the sample Board member job description that Sue sent to the list. We agreed that we need an interim board to make policy decisions until the job descriptions can be finalized.
> Rolling File Cabinet – We consensed that we can buy another locking, rolling file cabinet for records.
> Saturday Market – SM handles the Park Block permit for the tents and the electrical box. They are renewing our permit monthly now.
> Next Sunday is sandwich day with the wonderful folks at the Methodist Church.
> Vaccine clinic – We have another chance for a TDAP vaccine clinic with Lane County Public Health.
> HIPAA – Training for HIPAA. Bill is going to network with other organizations to help with training.
> SASS – Donna G. and Debra have volunteered to join Sue in a meeting with SASS to integrate our services for our clients.


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