OM meeting 7/3/13

OM meeting notes 7/3/13

Attendees: Bill, Dr. Bruce, Debra, Jason, Donna R., Jessica, Sue, Dr. Leigh
Agenda –
Lab – The lab testing that we pay for could get out of hand. We need to have an evaluating body for these lab requests. This body will meet every week at the Wednesday at the meeting.
Spanish – Zoe has volunteered to compile a list of Spanish speakers to call when we need interpretations.
White Bird Help book. – There is a new WB social help book. We consensed that we will buy 2 help books. Bill will purchase them.
Bus Driving – Bruce will drive when he is scheduled to volunteer, both directions, 2 times a month, and Bill will drive when he is scheduled on triage, after the shift is over. Discussed keys to where poles are stored on the bus. Need extra copies.
Thank you notes – Notes were passed out to go out.
Storage – We need storage. Helen offered her space for storage. We consensed that we are going to allow the herb team to store some herbs in the area and we are changing the locks.
Patient H – He has had his surgery and now needs letters to the judge to encourage him to keep patient H in the country.
SASS – Jessica from SASS (Options), Alley from Nightengale, Sue and Debra met at SASS to discuss helping our patients that are victims of sexual assault. We discussed having a SASS/OM liaison. This will facilitate more assistance for our patients in crisis.
Bus storage lock – The cargo hold is locked and we do not have the key to unlock.
Public Sharps containers – HIV Alliance supports our idea that the city should pay to install public, secured sharps containers.
Training – Bill proposed training for HIPAA, OM history, SASS, blood-borne pathogens for volunteers that provide patient services.
Doctor – Bruce/Leigh, Willy/David, Leigh/Bruce
Reiki – We had a offer of reiki service from volunteers.
Cottage Grove – Valeria from South Lane Mental Health would like to visit the meeting to talk about driving the bus to Cottage Grove to offer service on the Sunday that the Eugene Celebration is in town.
Medical records communication volunteer –
Consensus reformation – Bill reminded the group that we need to make a clear statement when making a proposal, waiting til all present (and a quorum of presently at least 5 standing members) are able to focus on the statement. We consensed that we will be raising our hands “at least as high as the ears” and making it clear to the note taker that a vote is being taken so it can properly be recorded in the notes.


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