OM Meeting notes – 6/19/13

Agenda 6/19/13
Attendees: Donna R., Karen A., Dr. Bruce, Benjamin, Jason, T., Sue
benefit – We passed around Thank you Cards for Cozmic and the bands. We also circulated one for Graham and Jeanne. The benefit is this Sunday after clinic. T. and Donna have been getting the word out. Donna and Karen have sold raffle tickets. So far, so good.
vaccine clinic – June 30 is the next and last Dtap clinic. Our association with Lane County Public health is stable and we will be having more vaccine clinics with them in the future.
VP nomination – Donna Grant has volunteered for the role.
Patient H update – This patient is in serious condition. He needs external support beyond the Sunday Clinic. He needs help with transportation and advocacy. We will be sending him letters to the court explaining his medical condition and suggesting that he be granted citizenship.
Paypal – sue and Wendy met to finalize the paypal account on our site.
bus driving – Dr. Bruce volunteered to help Donna G with the driving.
Next remodel project – Take the wall out between the last part of the bus and possibly a cupboard for storage. Jason has a name of a good, inexpensive electrician.
Head covering – Justine has suggested that wearing a hat or head scarf to clinic may provide extra protection from contagious, topicals that we encounter. Tea tree oil, catnip, cedar, citronella and lavender essential oil offer insecticide protection.
Next Sunday is sandwich day from the church group volunteers
phone trees – All team leaders should have the phone numbers of their team. All team leaders should have each others phone numbers as well.
rumor control – Please maintain professional standards with rumor control. Check with the person that you spoke to to make sure that you understood what they said correctly. Do not allow rumors to circulate unchecked. Clear communication is the key.
Volunteer orientation – Volunteers interested in helping with security will need to undergo training with Jason. They will need to be fully vetted through our crew just as our other volunteers are. There are additional security background checks and training due to the high risk of the potential situations these volunteers might encounter. Security is a “hands-off” position.
By-law committee – Ambrose, Karen A., T., Carla, and Sue have volunteered to serve on this committee
Wound care – Karen will be holding a wound care class for nursing station volunteers at the end of summer. Other OM members are also welcome to attend.

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