OM Meeting – 7/17/13

Attendees – Susan, Mani, Tom, Donna R, Donna G, Karen, Arline, Sue, Dr. Bruce, Debra
Hempfest logistics – We need to make an announcement on the Eugene Weekly website that we have a new location. We need to notify the City Streets people of our new location.
Foot Care – We would like to have students help in foot care. This is a place that is very popular.
Heber –
2 missing charts – There are 2 more charts on the bus.
White Bird Dental referrals – We had a patient referred from WBD who needed a controlled substance
Herb meeting – Herb team will be transferring
Lab needs – Lab referrals need Dr. name, NPIs, contact info and lab requests
Cooler for wound care – Bandanas, Sue will bring rolling cooler to ALN, Susan will bring ice bags
Bus driver- next week is Dr. Bruce. Susan volunteered to drive both ways the following Sunday.
SASS – Debra will start her training tomorrow
Consensus – We allowed Sue to write an article on OM for the Eugene Magazine
burn medication – burn ointment
diaper rash cream and powder
tubie grip
staple removal kit
paper tape
vitamin C
coban for horses is cheaper than for humans
toe nail clippers
lavender eo
tea tree eo


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