OM Meeting – 7/24/13

Attendees: Ben, Debra, Pam, Cathy, Dr. Bruce, Sue, Bill, Jason
Weekly herb meeting: Wednesday 2pm, Warehouse is secure, consensus on not paying for keys after all since there is a smaller limit to the amount of people that have copies to the keys than we thought.
Amazon wish list – Kitte put together an Amazon Wish List for OM to survey. It makes it easier for donors to get us items that our teams need to serve our population. The list, so far is based on needs from station request lists. We agreed to review the Amazon Wish List to see how this fits our needs before adding it to our website.
*** OM volunteers: Please go to Amazon Wish Lists and check out Occupy Medical. If there are items that should be added or subtracted from the station that you represent, please send an email to Sue so she can alter it.
Patient H update: August 7th surgery has been tentatively scheduled at OHSU
Hempfest update – CAHOOTS brought us a patient instead of bringing him to the hospital. Shelter Care also sent out a patient to be treated at OM. Thank you card to Susan and husband for water and electricity.
Bus – Susan is on board for driving the bus both ways.
Doctor schedule – Rose Barrington-Schultz NP is a possible new volunteer. We need to recruit more doctors. Some of the doctors have only show up once a month or once a season. Bill volunteered to advertise on Craigs List for Qualified Healthcare Professionals. OM consened on supporting this action.
Occupier article – The Occupier had a number of articles supporting OM. We are particularly pleased to see the feature article on Bruce and Debra. Beautifully written.
vaccine clinic – August 4th Tdap clinic with Lane County Public Health 1-3pm. Publicity help is needed for this event. Let people know that this is the last Tdap to be paid for with the grant.
Cottage Grove – Debra and Sue met with Tom and Valeria from South Lane Mental Health. Invite the folks from SLMH and Community Sharing Program to attend these upcoming clinics. This is a trial run. Publicity could include tv and radio. August 25 is day of the event. Sunday works best because we would have more volunteers, more patients, more observers and more need. OM voted in consensus to have this event on Sunday, August 25th 12-4pm.


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