OM Meeting 7/31/13

OM meeting 7/31/13
Attendees: Donna R., Arline, Ben, Sue, Jason, Donna G., Bill, Martin

Prescription: Donna would like to have contact information for the doctors on the following Monday or Tuesday in case there is a problem with the prescriptions. We need to write patient instructions on chart along with which pharmacy the prescription is being called in at. Please check information that doctor wrote (NPI, phone #).
Bimart: Consensus was achieved to ask if we could have an account open for people to donate to for prescriptions that our allied agencies can not cover.
Paypal: Paypal is on our site now. Hurray! Thanks to Wendy for doing this.
Volunteer coordinator: Sample volunteer coordinator job description: The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, training, and evaluating Occupy Medical volunteers. Evaluates volunteer applications and collects copies of  appropriate paperwork for the positions requiring state and federal certification (ie doctor or nurse positions). The volunteer coordinator supports the team leaders for the assignment and ongoing supervision of volunteers; including the maintenance of associated volunteer files. Assists and supports appropriate volunteer orientation and training in conjunction with other team members and program goals. Keep a updated emergency contact information file on each volunteer.
We will evaluate this job description next week. We consensed to bring Jason on as a temporary volunteer coordinator until we have more time to evaluate this job description.
Amazon Wish List: 2 sturdy hose reels should be added to the list. Bill will look into different brands for this item. Consensus to put Amazon Wish List on our web site. Ask Kitte about second Occupy Medical wish list that is on Amazon.
Vaccine Clinic: Good to go. Advertising is on website, FB and Eugene Weekly
Advertising on website/message on voice mail: A company sells medical supplies want to advertising on our web site. We do not have the staff time to follow up on this issue.
Permit: Picking up the permit for August on Friday.
Bus driving: Bill will drive the bus to the clinic and train Arline to drive back. Bill has a copy of the keys.
Check for Sue/another check writer: Consensus achieved to support Sue will notifying the bank that Bill Heyn and Donna Grant are joining Sue to be additional check signers for OM’s account.
Wound care area: We are having a problem with granting enough room for wound care. Hospitality will need to be asked to move into a smaller space so that we can accommodate better patient care. We need to coordinate better communication with hospitality to be sure that the privacy between wound care and hospitality is secure. We need a wound care monitor to secure the equipment.
Wound care: We need to send the wound care and foot care patients through triage first.
Minutes: We consensed to approve the minutes for the last 2 weeks. They will be posted on the web site.
Presbyterian church – Will put our wish list and volunteer list request on their church bulletin.

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