OM Meeting Notes 8/7/13

August 7 attendees – Dr. Bruce, Dr. Leigh, Debra, Bill, Cathy, Donna R., Ben, Sofia, Tuck, Jason

Eugene Celebration – August 23-25 We would like to march in the parade. Healthcare for all and CALC are interested in having us join their parade marching event.

Slug Queen- 6pm this Friday. Come support our Slug Queen.

Healthcare for All – Sue spoke to the group. Joseph attended as well

Clinic check in – Intake – Better after Leigh got us forms that we were missing. We need to have phone number on the intake form. Triage – It works well to have more people in Triage than 2. Docs – Dr. Dave would prefer to have a medical aid to fetch patients.

Ben – Barbie will be returning to help Ben. Mental Health – Meeting next month at the beginning of clinic. Peacekeeper – Jason needs more volunteers. He asked a security group if they would be willing to donate some time at OM.

Translator team – Spanish translators are on a schedule now.

Optimally, we have the translator also serve as a medical aid. Not all of our interpreters are going to able to serve as medical aids. We prefer not have family members in with the patient. Tuck would like to have Nelson’s contact information as well.

Cottage Grove – SLMH is hosting our clinic at the end of the month. We are happy that Dr. Bruce is volunteering to drive the bus and to be the doctor at the clinic with Dr. Leigh.

Community Fair – SEIU local 49 – Joseph introduced himself and gave an introduction to the Community Before Profits Picnic Saturday, September 14th on Mohawk across the street from McKenzie-Willamette. This will be chance for showcasing our clinic. They will be asking for medical donations for OM.

Herb Circle – Debra has been organizing herb circle. The first circle went well. Patti was the first teacher. Debra did a doodle poll. The following group will be held on Thursday nights from now on.

OK for office –

Paypal and Amazon – Kitte suggested we have one page open just for donations. Sue will check the account at the end of the month and give a financial report on donations.

Lab – Patient candidate for grant $290. Write patient billing. We need phone number on lab slip.

Website and Facebook page –

Urine dip sticks – Will be provided. Clorox Wipes not to be put in porta-potty.

Needed items – personal hygiene wipes, stethoscopes, paper tape, multivitamins (for all age groups), single use tubes of antibiotic ointment, Nitrile gloves, magnesium, zinc, post-it notes.


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