OM meeting Minutes – 8/14/13

Agenda 8/14/13
Attendees: Bill, Ben, Jason, Sue, Donna R., Bruce, Debra, Kate, Barbie, Donna G. ,Joseph
Bus Schedule – Dr Bruce is The Man! All the way to Cottage Grove.
Former meeting note minutes- Approved
Womenspace – We are getting more Womenspace patients. We need to be sure that a SASS trained available to help. We also consensed to let Sue investigate and publicize the untreated Slocum patient.
Parade – Bus is good to drive in the parade. Some one has volunteered to assemble and print out a flyer for the parade about our needs – donations and volunteers
Cottage Grove – Set up carpooling papers. Sue can take a few extra bodies – Ben and Terra plus…? Up to 8 people can get on the bus. Jason and Debra are going thus far.
Intake/HIPAA – Privacy concerns and streamlining intake issues.
Criteria for internet consensus – to be discussed later – We rarely use this forum for consensus. The group will give this item more thought.
Volunteers who are minors- Legal concerns, volunteer placement, Joe offered to ask some council re: this issue, set up tear town and hospitality have been approved with parental consent
Vetting probationary policy – What happens when we have a person who wants to start immediately.
SEIU Picnic – Joe will check to see if they want us or us and the bus. Bus vs tent  Pt care, electricity requirements for bus. Twinkle on bringing one Costco canopy to this function. It is primarily a networking event.
bus drivers-phone list for bus drivers needed
vetting and probationary periods- shadowing personal,  if they have a license we need a copy and they can jump in and shadow, if no license a “crash course” in HIPAA etc., proposal to do an hour to an hour and a half for proposed “crash course”, Twinkle on that for next week
Logistics of setting up, new volunteers orientation and where our veteran volunteers will be during this training. Where to set up
meeting procedure- introduction, familiarity, passing the agenda items paper around for participants to address their current concerns
Suggestions by Ben to have color coordinated name tags in order than new volunteers will be able to easily identify those they can turn to for guidance
scan and fax capabilities- Dr. Bruce concern for fax and scan capabilities, how often do we need fax capabilities, where would the fax machine be located. our demands for faxes have increased with patient load, be mindful of how much we are spending,
Dr. Shifts- We need two docs on at all times, optimally two four hours shifts,
criteria on internet consensus- items that we would not want to have addressed on the internet such as procedural changes, monetary issues, personnel changes, emergency situations such as a dead bus battery, suggestions for  appropriate use of internet consensus of time sensitive item
Patient L -White Bird and Community both help to provide ID, how to help with his chair

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