OM meeting minutes 8/21/13

OM meeting 8/21/13
Attendees: Debra, Bruce, Ben, Bill, Jason, Donna R., Karen A., Leigh, Sue, Wendy, T, Joseph, Terra, David, Tree
Parade: HCAO has signs to share. Karen suggested that we get together a chant. PARADE ROUTE  leaves from 19th Avenue, between Ferry and Patterson Streets.  We are #81, near the end of the marchers, so there will be some waiting time before we get under way.  The Occupy Medical Clinic bus is part of our group, so we will be easy to locate!
Cottage Grove – We have some CG practitioners to observe the clinic this Sunday. Community Sharing may be talked into providing food. We talked about carpooling.
Check signators – Donna and Bill have signed onto the checking account. David had a concern about having too many signers on the account. He suggested that future signers be reviewed via group approved criteria to be sure that the account is in good hands.
Nurse Practitioner on Doctor schedule – NPs will be on medical team/prescribers team.
Who’s driving the bus – Donna is driving the bus on Saturday. Bruce is driving the bus on Sunday.
Mission – Bill wants people to revisit our mission since we have grown so much and added so many people. Dr. David reminded people that we are a political organization that serves as a reminder that we need health care for all. Dr. Leigh would like to see us in different places around the community.
OM/OVE/SLEEPS – Ben and Jason have been at the Free Speech Plaza protest. They need 1st aid services there.
Board Members – We voted, via consensus, to elect Benjamin Hunt as President, Donna Grant as Vice President and Sue Sierralupe as Secretary of the Occupy Medical Board of Directors.
Ambrose $ – Ambrose repaid a debt for a patient related service. Members passed the hat to repay him.
Patient L – Donna R and T discussed allied services to help patient L.
Hose reels – We need a sturdier hose reel. Bill will look around for a few options.
RG article/Sentinel – An article on the Cottage Grove clinic in both papers.
Occupier – Sue suggested that we talk the Occupier volunteers into write about our clinic and our patient’s stories to put on our website.
Picnic – We need 5 spaces at least. Joseph offered to allowed to us us SEIU’s fax machine. Jseph donated his VoIP (voice over internet protocol) box. Basically, internet telephone. Terra is taking it home to figure out how to use it.
Notes Approval – Notes were approved. Bill had a few questions about the notes but he will email his questins to group for us to work out later.
Saturday Market Sept. 15 – ALS is taking over the East Park Blocks so we are allowed to use the West Park Blocks. We consensed to use the West Park Blocks during this time.
HCAO – Sue has been attending Health Care for All Oregon meetings. She suggests that other OM members join her. HCAO provided a space for our bus in the Eugene Celeberation parade this Saturday. Lots of good educatin on the healthcare for all movement there.
Occupy Spokane fundraiser – David Bilsland  from Occupy Spokane, wants to throw a concert for Occupy Eugene and Opportunity Village sometime between Sep. 9 ~ 11. He wants to encourage recruitment and fundraising. He also wants to throw benefits to Camp Cascadia and Dignity Village. As he goes south to San Francisco, he is touring all major Oregon cities.
Mechanic – Marc is a mechanic that has volunteered to check on the bus before our CG trip. This is happening on Thursday. He is donating his time but we need to pay for supplies. Donna and Sue will take care of getting gas for the bus before we go to Cottage Grove.
Receipt for forms – Office Max receipt approved by consensus to be reimbursed to Donna Riddle
Volunteers to move one of Karen’s patients: Karen has a patient who is a vet that needs a little help with moving. Please email Karen if you can help her.

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