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Photo Courtesy of Rob Sydor/Digital Latte

Photo Courtesy of Rob Sydor/Digital Latte

Clinic Manager: Sue Sierralupe
Clinic phone: 541-316-5743

Site Address: Visit us every Sunday at the downtown Eugene Park Blocks (8th and Oak) between 12-4). We stop taking patients at 3pm so get your name on the list between 11:50 and 1pm to assure your spot “on the bus”.

Mailing address (for check donations): 3575 Donald St. suite#230,Eugene, OR 97405

Occupy Medical is an all-volunteer clinic, staffed by cheerful people with busy lives. We are unable to provide immediate responses to the contacts listed above. Voicemail, email, and snail mail are checked a few times a week. If you’d like them checked more frequently, feel free to volunteer.

IF YOUR HEALTH PROBLEM IS URGENT, please dial 911, or proceed directly to the Emergency Department of your nearest hospital, or to your closest Urgent Care Center.

If you are interested in donating to us, please write your check to Occupy Medical and send it to the address listed above.  Our clinic exists solely through the support of our community. You may also donate by sending us donations from the wish list which is also located on our site.


22 responses to “Contact us

  1. I would like to know when the next dental van would be as my my husband does not get dental all his teeth are to the gum line I am afraid that if he does not get treatment that his infections will get worse problems.Thank you

  2. I am a CNA2 and a nursing student from Corvallis. I would like to volunteer. Please let me know if I can be of service.

  3. Hello,I am in need of help with dental.I need to have them surgerly removed but don,t have the money it is my whole mouth.As all my teeth have broke off and now they are under the gums.can you help me.

  4. I am not clinical staff but I have worked in a hospital for the last two years. (Working in patient registration). I would like to volunteer my time in any way I can to Occupy Medical. Please contact me.

    • Volunteers are always welcome at Occupy Medical. We have a growing team of much needed volunteers who work on site in hospitality, intake, security and other fields. We have a team of people that work behind the scenes to help OM and our rapidly increasing numbers of patients. Please take a minute to review the volunteer orientation information in the documents section of this website. Please stop by the clinic during operation hours to see what it looks like in action. We have a volunteer application there.

    • I suspect that the best way to donate to our cause from an international source is to donate via Paypal. We have a donation button on the top. right hand side of our home page.

  5. A suggestion for your organization: Could you get a volunteer who knows about computers to set up a Facebook page for Occupy Medical and set up a way for people to make donations on Pay Pal? People could “Like” and share you page and make donations very easily.

      • How sweet of you to offer. Our obstacle was getting with time a confident volunteer. We just tidied up details today and should have a paypal button on our site by the end of the week. Thank you for the encouragement. OM is growing so fast. We may be begging for help from you on related projects in the future.

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