OM meeting minutes 8/21/13

OM meeting 8/21/13
Attendees: Debra, Bruce, Ben, Bill, Jason, Donna R., Karen A., Leigh, Sue, Wendy, T, Joseph, Terra, David, Tree
Parade: HCAO has signs to share. Karen suggested that we get together a chant. PARADE ROUTE  leaves from 19th Avenue, between Ferry and Patterson Streets.  We are #81, near the end of the marchers, so there will be some waiting time before we get under way.  The Occupy Medical Clinic bus is part of our group, so we will be easy to locate!
Cottage Grove – We have some CG practitioners to observe the clinic this Sunday. Community Sharing may be talked into providing food. We talked about carpooling.
Check signators – Donna and Bill have signed onto the checking account. David had a concern about having too many signers on the account. He suggested that future signers be reviewed via group approved criteria to be sure that the account is in good hands.
Nurse Practitioner on Doctor schedule – NPs will be on medical team/prescribers team.
Who’s driving the bus – Donna is driving the bus on Saturday. Bruce is driving the bus on Sunday.
Mission – Bill wants people to revisit our mission since we have grown so much and added so many people. Dr. David reminded people that we are a political organization that serves as a reminder that we need health care for all. Dr. Leigh would like to see us in different places around the community.
OM/OVE/SLEEPS – Ben and Jason have been at the Free Speech Plaza protest. They need 1st aid services there.
Board Members – We voted, via consensus, to elect Benjamin Hunt as President, Donna Grant as Vice President and Sue Sierralupe as Secretary of the Occupy Medical Board of Directors.
Ambrose $ – Ambrose repaid a debt for a patient related service. Members passed the hat to repay him.
Patient L – Donna R and T discussed allied services to help patient L.
Hose reels – We need a sturdier hose reel. Bill will look around for a few options.
RG article/Sentinel – An article on the Cottage Grove clinic in both papers.
Occupier – Sue suggested that we talk the Occupier volunteers into write about our clinic and our patient’s stories to put on our website.
Picnic – We need 5 spaces at least. Joseph offered to allowed to us us SEIU’s fax machine. Jseph donated his VoIP (voice over internet protocol) box. Basically, internet telephone. Terra is taking it home to figure out how to use it.
Notes Approval – Notes were approved. Bill had a few questions about the notes but he will email his questins to group for us to work out later.
Saturday Market Sept. 15 – ALS is taking over the East Park Blocks so we are allowed to use the West Park Blocks. We consensed to use the West Park Blocks during this time.
HCAO – Sue has been attending Health Care for All Oregon meetings. She suggests that other OM members join her. HCAO provided a space for our bus in the Eugene Celeberation parade this Saturday. Lots of good educatin on the healthcare for all movement there.
Occupy Spokane fundraiser – David Bilsland  from Occupy Spokane, wants to throw a concert for Occupy Eugene and Opportunity Village sometime between Sep. 9 ~ 11. He wants to encourage recruitment and fundraising. He also wants to throw benefits to Camp Cascadia and Dignity Village. As he goes south to San Francisco, he is touring all major Oregon cities.
Mechanic – Marc is a mechanic that has volunteered to check on the bus before our CG trip. This is happening on Thursday. He is donating his time but we need to pay for supplies. Donna and Sue will take care of getting gas for the bus before we go to Cottage Grove.
Receipt for forms – Office Max receipt approved by consensus to be reimbursed to Donna Riddle
Volunteers to move one of Karen’s patients: Karen has a patient who is a vet that needs a little help with moving. Please email Karen if you can help her.

OM meeting Minutes – 8/14/13

Agenda 8/14/13
Attendees: Bill, Ben, Jason, Sue, Donna R., Bruce, Debra, Kate, Barbie, Donna G. ,Joseph
Bus Schedule – Dr Bruce is The Man! All the way to Cottage Grove.
Former meeting note minutes- Approved
Womenspace – We are getting more Womenspace patients. We need to be sure that a SASS trained available to help. We also consensed to let Sue investigate and publicize the untreated Slocum patient.
Parade – Bus is good to drive in the parade. Some one has volunteered to assemble and print out a flyer for the parade about our needs – donations and volunteers
Cottage Grove – Set up carpooling papers. Sue can take a few extra bodies – Ben and Terra plus…? Up to 8 people can get on the bus. Jason and Debra are going thus far.
Intake/HIPAA – Privacy concerns and streamlining intake issues.
Criteria for internet consensus – to be discussed later – We rarely use this forum for consensus. The group will give this item more thought.
Volunteers who are minors- Legal concerns, volunteer placement, Joe offered to ask some council re: this issue, set up tear town and hospitality have been approved with parental consent
Vetting probationary policy – What happens when we have a person who wants to start immediately.
SEIU Picnic – Joe will check to see if they want us or us and the bus. Bus vs tent  Pt care, electricity requirements for bus. Twinkle on bringing one Costco canopy to this function. It is primarily a networking event.
bus drivers-phone list for bus drivers needed
vetting and probationary periods- shadowing personal,  if they have a license we need a copy and they can jump in and shadow, if no license a “crash course” in HIPAA etc., proposal to do an hour to an hour and a half for proposed “crash course”, Twinkle on that for next week
Logistics of setting up, new volunteers orientation and where our veteran volunteers will be during this training. Where to set up
meeting procedure- introduction, familiarity, passing the agenda items paper around for participants to address their current concerns
Suggestions by Ben to have color coordinated name tags in order than new volunteers will be able to easily identify those they can turn to for guidance
scan and fax capabilities- Dr. Bruce concern for fax and scan capabilities, how often do we need fax capabilities, where would the fax machine be located. our demands for faxes have increased with patient load, be mindful of how much we are spending,
Dr. Shifts- We need two docs on at all times, optimally two four hours shifts,
criteria on internet consensus- items that we would not want to have addressed on the internet such as procedural changes, monetary issues, personnel changes, emergency situations such as a dead bus battery, suggestions for  appropriate use of internet consensus of time sensitive item
Patient L -White Bird and Community both help to provide ID, how to help with his chair

OM Meeting Notes 8/7/13

August 7 attendees – Dr. Bruce, Dr. Leigh, Debra, Bill, Cathy, Donna R., Ben, Sofia, Tuck, Jason

Eugene Celebration – August 23-25 We would like to march in the parade. Healthcare for all and CALC are interested in having us join their parade marching event.

Slug Queen- 6pm this Friday. Come support our Slug Queen.

Healthcare for All – Sue spoke to the group. Joseph attended as well

Clinic check in – Intake – Better after Leigh got us forms that we were missing. We need to have phone number on the intake form. Triage – It works well to have more people in Triage than 2. Docs – Dr. Dave would prefer to have a medical aid to fetch patients.

Ben – Barbie will be returning to help Ben. Mental Health – Meeting next month at the beginning of clinic. Peacekeeper – Jason needs more volunteers. He asked a security group if they would be willing to donate some time at OM.

Translator team – Spanish translators are on a schedule now.

Optimally, we have the translator also serve as a medical aid. Not all of our interpreters are going to able to serve as medical aids. We prefer not have family members in with the patient. Tuck would like to have Nelson’s contact information as well.

Cottage Grove – SLMH is hosting our clinic at the end of the month. We are happy that Dr. Bruce is volunteering to drive the bus and to be the doctor at the clinic with Dr. Leigh.

Community Fair – SEIU local 49 – Joseph introduced himself and gave an introduction to the Community Before Profits Picnic Saturday, September 14th on Mohawk across the street from McKenzie-Willamette. This will be chance for showcasing our clinic. They will be asking for medical donations for OM.

Herb Circle – Debra has been organizing herb circle. The first circle went well. Patti was the first teacher. Debra did a doodle poll. The following group will be held on Thursday nights from now on.

OK for office –

Paypal and Amazon – Kitte suggested we have one page open just for donations. Sue will check the account at the end of the month and give a financial report on donations.

Lab – Patient candidate for grant $290. Write patient billing. We need phone number on lab slip.

Website and Facebook page –

Urine dip sticks – Will be provided. Clorox Wipes not to be put in porta-potty.

Needed items – personal hygiene wipes, stethoscopes, paper tape, multivitamins (for all age groups), single use tubes of antibiotic ointment, Nitrile gloves, magnesium, zinc, post-it notes.

OM Meeting 7/31/13

OM meeting 7/31/13
Attendees: Donna R., Arline, Ben, Sue, Jason, Donna G., Bill, Martin

Prescription: Donna would like to have contact information for the doctors on the following Monday or Tuesday in case there is a problem with the prescriptions. We need to write patient instructions on chart along with which pharmacy the prescription is being called in at. Please check information that doctor wrote (NPI, phone #).
Bimart: Consensus was achieved to ask if we could have an account open for people to donate to for prescriptions that our allied agencies can not cover.
Paypal: Paypal is on our site now. Hurray! Thanks to Wendy for doing this.
Volunteer coordinator: Sample volunteer coordinator job description: The Volunteer Coordinator is responsible for recruiting, training, and evaluating Occupy Medical volunteers. Evaluates volunteer applications and collects copies of  appropriate paperwork for the positions requiring state and federal certification (ie doctor or nurse positions). The volunteer coordinator supports the team leaders for the assignment and ongoing supervision of volunteers; including the maintenance of associated volunteer files. Assists and supports appropriate volunteer orientation and training in conjunction with other team members and program goals. Keep a updated emergency contact information file on each volunteer.
We will evaluate this job description next week. We consensed to bring Jason on as a temporary volunteer coordinator until we have more time to evaluate this job description.
Amazon Wish List: 2 sturdy hose reels should be added to the list. Bill will look into different brands for this item. Consensus to put Amazon Wish List on our web site. Ask Kitte about second Occupy Medical wish list that is on Amazon.
Vaccine Clinic: Good to go. Advertising is on website, FB and Eugene Weekly
Advertising on website/message on voice mail: A company sells medical supplies want to advertising on our web site. We do not have the staff time to follow up on this issue.
Permit: Picking up the permit for August on Friday.
Bus driving: Bill will drive the bus to the clinic and train Arline to drive back. Bill has a copy of the keys.
Check for Sue/another check writer: Consensus achieved to support Sue will notifying the bank that Bill Heyn and Donna Grant are joining Sue to be additional check signers for OM’s account.
Wound care area: We are having a problem with granting enough room for wound care. Hospitality will need to be asked to move into a smaller space so that we can accommodate better patient care. We need to coordinate better communication with hospitality to be sure that the privacy between wound care and hospitality is secure. We need a wound care monitor to secure the equipment.
Wound care: We need to send the wound care and foot care patients through triage first.
Minutes: We consensed to approve the minutes for the last 2 weeks. They will be posted on the web site.
Presbyterian church – Will put our wish list and volunteer list request on their church bulletin.

OM Meeting – 7/24/13

Attendees: Ben, Debra, Pam, Cathy, Dr. Bruce, Sue, Bill, Jason
Weekly herb meeting: Wednesday 2pm, Warehouse is secure, consensus on not paying for keys after all since there is a smaller limit to the amount of people that have copies to the keys than we thought.
Amazon wish list – Kitte put together an Amazon Wish List for OM to survey. It makes it easier for donors to get us items that our teams need to serve our population. The list, so far is based on needs from station request lists. We agreed to review the Amazon Wish List to see how this fits our needs before adding it to our website.
*** OM volunteers: Please go to Amazon Wish Lists and check out Occupy Medical. If there are items that should be added or subtracted from the station that you represent, please send an email to Sue so she can alter it.
Patient H update: August 7th surgery has been tentatively scheduled at OHSU
Hempfest update – CAHOOTS brought us a patient instead of bringing him to the hospital. Shelter Care also sent out a patient to be treated at OM. Thank you card to Susan and husband for water and electricity.
Bus – Susan is on board for driving the bus both ways.
Doctor schedule – Rose Barrington-Schultz NP is a possible new volunteer. We need to recruit more doctors. Some of the doctors have only show up once a month or once a season. Bill volunteered to advertise on Craigs List for Qualified Healthcare Professionals. OM consened on supporting this action.
Occupier article – The Occupier had a number of articles supporting OM. We are particularly pleased to see the feature article on Bruce and Debra. Beautifully written.
vaccine clinic – August 4th Tdap clinic with Lane County Public Health 1-3pm. Publicity help is needed for this event. Let people know that this is the last Tdap to be paid for with the grant.
Cottage Grove – Debra and Sue met with Tom and Valeria from South Lane Mental Health. Invite the folks from SLMH and Community Sharing Program to attend these upcoming clinics. This is a trial run. Publicity could include tv and radio. August 25 is day of the event. Sunday works best because we would have more volunteers, more patients, more observers and more need. OM voted in consensus to have this event on Sunday, August 25th 12-4pm.

OM Meeting – 7/17/13

Attendees – Susan, Mani, Tom, Donna R, Donna G, Karen, Arline, Sue, Dr. Bruce, Debra
Hempfest logistics – We need to make an announcement on the Eugene Weekly website that we have a new location. We need to notify the City Streets people of our new location.
Foot Care – We would like to have students help in foot care. This is a place that is very popular.
Heber –
2 missing charts – There are 2 more charts on the bus.
White Bird Dental referrals – We had a patient referred from WBD who needed a controlled substance
Herb meeting – Herb team will be transferring
Lab needs – Lab referrals need Dr. name, NPIs, contact info and lab requests
Cooler for wound care – Bandanas, Sue will bring rolling cooler to ALN, Susan will bring ice bags
Bus driver- next week is Dr. Bruce. Susan volunteered to drive both ways the following Sunday.
SASS – Debra will start her training tomorrow
Consensus – We allowed Sue to write an article on OM for the Eugene Magazine
burn medication – burn ointment
diaper rash cream and powder
tubie grip
staple removal kit
paper tape
vitamin C
coban for horses is cheaper than for humans
toe nail clippers
lavender eo
tea tree eo

OM Meeting – 7/10/13

Attendees – Susan, Arline, Jason, Donna, Barb, Dr. Bruce, Debra, Dr.Leigh, Sue
Agenda –
Any Lab Now- hours M-F 9-6 Sat 9-2
We will staple our lab slips to Any Lab Now form – Need ALN account number – Susan will email Arline will be a liaison, deliver lab slips to lab. ALN will send monthly bill (net 30)
Write on a spiral notebook to record studies on bus. Arline or Sue will check off billed and completed orders. Interpreter may be needed to accompany. ALN doesn’t have any. ALN will keep orders in a file so we can track uncompleted orders.
Medical records – May of 2012, 964 patients 274 of those are returning patients, June 2012 – 19 new patients. June of 2013 – 133 patients.
Herb circle – Next herb meeting is at Sue’s house to transport herbs to the warehouse. Grab legal sized hanging folders when you put things in the warehouse.
Phoning vs RX pads – The new RX pads have arrived. We will use up the triplicate RX pads while developing Pharmacy Tech position to phone in RXs.
Medical marijuana – We do not sign medical marijuana cards. EVER. We do not prescribe triamadole which is a mild narcotic.
Interpreter team – Zoe has organized a call list for interpreters. We do have a Spanish version of HIPAA. Sue will reformat the list and print it.
Driver – Barb will drive in the morning and Susan will drive in the afternoon this sunday.
Next week docs – Willy, David
gmail manager – We need a volunteer to check the gmail account. This volunteer position would be key to communication with other team leaders.
Notes – Last few meeting notes approved.
Battery purchase – We approved the purchase of batteries for the bus that we had to purchase last week. This was a retroactive approval.