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Help Us Help Others

Help Us Help Others

Occupy Medical can always use supplies!

They need to be unopened, unexpired, and appropriate for anyone to use. For example, a prescription you don’t want to use, is NOT appropriate. Unopened, unexpired diabetes test strips ARE appropriate.

Medical supplies:
Medical tape
Gauze pads
Diabetes test supplies (especially strips!)
Gloves: non-latex, non-sterile
Cold packs – the kind you punch or squeeze to make cold
Hot packs – the kind you punch or squeeze to make hot
Antibiotic ointment, small packets (Bacitracin: better than “triple” or neomycin)
Vapor rubs (Vicks-type)
Gold Bond powder
Braces, splints, crutches, canes
Eyeglasses, plain magnifier type
Pregnancy test kits
Rapid HIV test kits
Ear thermometer probe covers (Braun)
Oral thermometer probe covers (generic)
Rubbing alcohol
Hydrogen peroxide
NSAIDs: Aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol, children’s Tylenol

Nutritional support:
Nutritional supplement beverages like Ensure
Vitamins, especially multivitamins, B-complex, C, and D (1000-unit)
Minerals, especially zinc and magnesium

Dental supplies:
Toothbrushes, wrapped
Dental floss picks
Small bottles of antiseptic mouthwash

General health supplies:
Facial tissues, “pocket” packages and large boxes
Socks: Clean, packaged, all sizes, including children’s
Baby wipes, “pocket” packages and large dispensers
New hairbrushes and combs (wide- and fine-toothed)
Lip Balm and Tiger balm
Cleaning supplies: personal hygiene and bus clinic wipes
Office supplies: Name tag holders, good quality portable staplers (with staples),a locking, rolling file box for keeping our ever-expanding medical records in
Copies: Money for making copies of intake forms, HIPAA forms, and handouts…or offers of free copying

How to Help

1. Pitch in! Our motto is, “Two hours ain’t bad!”
When we are fully staffed, our caregivers each contribute just two hours a month:
~~ Licensed medical care providers, including doctors, nurses, and PAs.
~~ Dentists, Dental Hygienists, and Expanded Practice Hygienists.
~~ Mental Health and Social Workers.
~~ Nutritionists and Dieticians.
~~ Veterinarians.
~~ Bodyworkers and aestheticians.
~~ Footcare team members (For washing feet)
Volunteers are oriented by an established worker and are invited to attend organizational meetings. We do ask that you provide current or recent licensing status. Practitioners are eligible for “Good Samaritan” liability waivers from the State.

bus party 9.2012

2. Chip in! Material and in-kind contributions keep the Clinic thriving:
~~ Medical, dental, personal health and hygiene supplies (see above).
~~ Cleaning, office, and bus supplies, such as fluorescent light bulbs, printing paper and equipment, etc.
~~ Professional services, such as mechanical maintenance, laboratory and pathology services, bookkeeping, sign-painting, childcare, publicity, etc.
~~ Cash donations are welcome, with checks to “Occupy Medical.”

3. Students: The clinic is a medical, dental,  pharmacy, and helping-profession teaching site. Health- and helping-profession students are welcome. We train our all of our caregivers in a collaborative, “hands-on” mentoring process with a broad scope of practice. Like established practitioners, students are encouraged to actively participate in clinic decision making processes.

See Clinic Manager for details.

Every Little Bit Helps

Every Little Bit Helps

Occupy Medical Tincture Bottle Recycle Collection Locations
Now you can drop your used tincture bottles with lids or droppers off at at 7 places in Eugene/Springfield, to be re-used after sterilizing by our clinic.

*Grower’s Market 454 Willamette St (upstairs by room 203)
*Wynant’s Family Health Foods 722 South A ST. Springfield.
*Evergreen Nutritional 1653 Willamette St
*Evans Chiropractic Group 190 E. 18th
*Sundance Natural Food 24th and Hilyard
*Occupy Medical Sunday Clinic 8th and Oak noon to 4
*Sol Botanicals 383 W. 3rd
We seem to be short on the lids and droppers for 1 and 2 oz bottles, if you happen to have some extra of those too. 1oz, 2oz, 4oz, droppers and larger brown glass bottles only, please. The dropper bottles can be other colors too.

We've Got a Passion for Herbs!

We’ve Got a Passion for Herbs!

If you are an herbalist and are willing to donate your tinctures, we would be more than appreciative to share them with the community. We use high or medium dose herbs in our clinic. We also need homeopathic medicine. We need your help so that we may continue to offer alternative modalities of health and healing. We wish to make plant medicine accessible to those that we have the privilege of serving.
OCCUPY MEDICAL is changing the future of “traditional” medicine to welcome various alternatives in care. It is not an easy journey and we cannot achieve our goal alone. Please help us in any way you can. See the list below so see which herbs are in high demand.

Angelica (capsules or tincture)
Anise essential oil
Astragalas (capsules or tincture)
Basil (Tulsi) (capsules or tincture)
Billberry leaf and/or berry (capsules or tincture)
Black Cohosh (capsules or tincture)
Blue Vervain (capsules or tincture)
Boneset (capsules or tincture)
Burdock (capsules or tincture)
Catnip (capsules, syrup or tincture)
Chamomille (capsules, syrup or tincture)
Chickweed (tincture)
Chlorella (capsules)
Cilantro (capsules, vinegar or tincture)
Cinnamon (capsules or tincture)
Coptis (capsules or tincture)
Cornsilk (capsules or tincture)
Dandelion root and/or leaf(capsules or tincture)
Devil’s Club (capsules or tincture)
Dong Quai (capsules or tincture)

We Also Accept Pills and Herbal Blends

We Also Accept Pills and Herbal Blends

Enchinacea root and/or flower (capsules or tincture)
Elderberry flower and/or berry (capsules, syrup or tincture)
Elecampane (capsules or tincture)
Fennel (seeds, capsules or tincture)
Feverfew (capsules or tincture)
Garlic (capsules, vinegar or tincture)
Ginger (capsules, syrup or tincture)
Goldenseal (capsules or tincture)
Gotu Kola (capsules or tincture)
Greater Celandine (dry)
Gymnema (capsules)
Hawthorn leaf, flower and/or berry (capsules, syrup or tincture)
Hops (capsules or tincture)
Lavender essential oil (Very popular item)
Milk Thistle (capsules or tincture)
Mullein (capsules or tincture)
Motherwort (capsules or tincture)
Nettle leaf or root (capsules, vinegar or tincture)
Oats (milky, that is) (capsules or tincture)
Oregon Grape (capsules or tincture)
Parsley (capsules or tincture)
Passionflower (capsules or tincture)
Pau D’Arco (capsules or tincture)
Peppermint (capsules or tincture)
Pleurisy (capsules or tincture)
Prickly Ash (capsules or tincture)
Red Raspberry leaf (capsules or tincture)
Rosemary (capsules or tincture)
St. John’s Wort (capsules and tincture)
Skullcap (capsules or tincture)
Shepherd’s Purse (tincture)
Solomon’s Seal (dry)

Essential Oil Blends are Also Welcome

Essential Oil Blends are Also Welcome

Tea Tree essential oil
Thyme (essential oil, capsules or tincture)
Tumeric (capsules or tincture)
Usnea (tincture)
Valerian (capsules, vinegar or tinctures)
Wild Lettuce (tincture)
Yarrow (tincture or capsules)
Yellow Dock (capsules or tincture)
Ylang Ylang essential oil


14 responses to “Wish list

  1. i have some homemade great quality salve in my refridgerator that is waiting to be used,i made it under extremely clean conditions, and it has been in the cold since i made it, all natural ingredients of excellent (seeabove) quality, three in all, beeswax, olive oil and an herb. people who have used it have felt alot of relief, they have told me. also, i do have medicinal herbs,plants, growing in my gardens.please contact me, kiki metzler, on facebook or email. thanks,kiki. oh, kikimetzler@yahoo.com

  2. Have heard there are now several sites around town where one may drop off supplies. It would be nice to know where they are and the hours they accept donations on your behalf. Thank you!

  3. I would love to volunteer. I just finished at the Columbines School of Botanical Studies here in town and am doing clinicals. Even if you can’t use me in the clinic I would love to help out with the general work that needs to be done and maybe sit in with your herbalists 🙂 I also have a bunch of wildcrafted tinctures and a few organic herbal oils available.

  4. I also have medicinal preparations, and a garden full of fresh herb, and eager to share with a good cause, I also remember seeing a list of donation locations, but now can’t find it. Let me know and I can drop off some this week.
    Is bulk tincture in quart jars ok? I’ll be running low on little bottles soon.

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